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Samsung Galaxy S4 to feature a 13MP camera

We’ve already told you about the Samsung Galaxy S4, as the rumors began showing up. Now we learned that the device will feature a 13MP camera, which was initially planned for the Galaxy Note 2. Samsung didn’t manage to get the 13MP camera ready for their previous devices, though they will be using it on their new Galaxy S4, which is rumored to be released in February 2013, at MWC Barcelona.

Unfortunately we’ve seen this before with the Motorola DROID RAZR HD. Rumors about it featuring a 13MP camera appeared along with EXIF data, though everything proved to be false, when Motorola released it with the old 8MP camera.

Samsung is known to be working on a 13MP back illuminated sensor, codenamed S5K33L2 and they will most likely use it in their next-gen high-end devices, including the Galaxy S4.

The S5K33L2 should be able to take 4208×3120 pixels resolution photos, record 1080p Full HD video at 30fps and will have a 1/3.2″ format and 1.1µ pixels.

Currently, Samsung uses the most energy efficient camera on a smartphone and its smartphones can compete with low low-end point and shoot cameras, though it seems like high-end devices want to get into the low-end DSLR market too. This will be pretty hard, though we are sure Samsung’s new 13MP camera will take much better photos than the previous one.

But the pixels aren’t what interest us very much. There isn’t any difference between 5MP, 8MP and 13MP, because nobody needs 4000×3000 pixels resolution photos taken by a smartphone. What matters is the pixel size, ISO and speed. And we’ve seen that lately smartphone cameras became very fast, while taking high quality images, but they still can’t compete with even mid to high-end point-and-shoot cameras. But even considering this, the digital camera sales dropped due to smartphones, as most people don’t necessarily want very high quality images. They just need to capture moments fast and easy, without paying and carrying around one more accessory.

Hopefully Samsung will manage to increase the image quality, as we really aren’t interested in the number of megapixels they use.


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