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Samsung Galaxy S4 to sport a 5″ display, release date set for MWC 2013

Not long ago Samsung released the Samsung Galaxy S3 and we are already eager to see what the Galaxy S4 will pack. Fortunately it seems like the Galaxy S4 release date is set for MWC 2013 in February, when we will find all the official specs.

Unfortunately we don’t have any leaked image of the new Galaxy S4, though The Korea Times came with some very nice rumors about it. According to them, Samsung’s next-gen flagship device will sport a 5-inch display and quad-core ARM Cortex A15 CPU.

We are quite sure it will feature 2GB of RAM, because we’ve already seen it in the Galaxy Note 2 and the Galaxy S4 will definitely be more powerful than the phablet. Hopefully it will have a Super Amoled Plus display, though we can’t know yet.

What’s very nice to see is that makers use bigger displays while maker smaller phones, due to newer technologies that allow them to make smaller bezels, so the screens will soon be side-to-side.

Currently the Galaxy S3 sports a quad-core Cortex A9, which makes it extremely powerful and a quad-core A15 CPU would be a real beast. Though there’s a catch. First ARM Cortex A15 chips will only come with two cores, so it’s possible that Samsung might use the dual-core version. But won’t worry, because it should be much powerful than the quad-core A9.

What most people are asking is if Samsung is going to quit using the physical home button and abide Google’s standard, though it’s way too early to tell.

Currently it’s too early to guess anything, unfortunately. It’s much probably that even Samsung doesn’t know too many about their new flagship device, though personally I believe that the leaked release date is true and we will see the Galaxy S4 at MWC 2013.

We would love to hear your opinions and wishes for the device.

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  • Mike

    I think it’s crazy to be just inventing stuff up about a phone that doesn’t even exist yet. What’s the point? How stupid will you look if it isn’t announced in Feb 2013. You are just adding to the confusion and delays and disappointment associated with new phones. Why don’t you report on actual facts instead of making up rumours. It’s amaturish and pointless. Do some proper reporting. This is pointless rubbish.

  • I hope that when the announce the new GS4.. it will also be made available to be purchased.. not like GN2 where we have to keep waiting and waiting….

    Like the fruit phone- when it is revealed – we can buy it already