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Samsung Galaxy S4 UK Pre-Order starts today, April 26th remains the official release date

Official pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S4 are now available from some retailers and carriers in United Kingdom. There are tons of offers and deals that you might find interesting and that’s why you should take a peak at the info below. All these prices and offers are only available for UK customers.

UK carriers and retailers started today to accept pre-orders for the Galaxy S4 before the official April 26th release date. At the moment, only EE, Phones4U, O2, Vodafone, Carphone Warehouse and Three are accepting SGS4 pre-orders and below you can find all the info you need in order to find out which one offer the best deal.

Vodafone – They will cut £5 off of every month bill if you bring  ‘any working touch-enabled smartphone’ and trade it in order to buy a Samsung Galaxy S4. If you do that, then you will get the phone on Vodafone Red for £37 / month which gives you unlimited calls and texts along with a 2G data plan.

The Vodafone Red XL will also be available and it gives you a better data plan, 4GB. But, you will need to pay £47 and trade-in any touchscreen device.

If you don’t want to trade-in any device  then you will get the Galaxy S4 with £37/ month for 1GB and with a £69 up-front payment. However, in case you trade-in a device then you will presumable get the 1GB data-plan for £32/ month + £69 upfront payment.

THREE – Three UK offers the device for free if you decide to use the Ultimate Internet 500 with unlimited data, 500 texts and 500 minutes for £35 per month for 24 months.

If you choose the One Plan,then you will get you unlimited data, 5000 Three-to-Three minutes, 2000 minutes, 5000 texts and you have to pay  £37. The unlimited data by Three can also be tethered.

O2 – This carrier offers customers the possibility to receive a doubled-data plan if they decide to pay £37 each month and an upfront payment of £99. There are no other offers from O2 at the moment.

EE – Samsung Galaxy S4 is available from EE with 4G contracts that are starting from £31/ month and with a fee of £269.99 upfront payment. Also, if you decide to pre-order from this carrier then you will also get the ‘accessory pack’ that’s estimated at £54.99. The accessory pack features a matching smart cover, 16GB microSD external card and a charging station for your car.

Note that EE will sell the 3G variant of S4 via T-Mobile and Orange.

Phones4U – This particular retailer offers you the possibility to win a Samsung Galaxy Camera or the Galaxy Note 10.1 if you decide to pre-order the Galaxy S4 from their store.

Also, if you pre-order from Phones4U then you will receive a Google Play gift card whose value depends on the contract of your choosing. If you choose a 4G EE contract plan valued at £46 or above, then you will receive a voucher of £100, while choosing  £41 contract plans then you will get half, £50. The contracts set at £36 will receive a voucher of only £25.

Carphone WarehouseIf you pre-order from them then you will get a Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 inch model and an accessory pack which consists of a phone case, in-car charging station and a screen protector.

It seems like these are all the carriers and retailers offering you the possibility to pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S4 today if you’re based in the United Kingdom.

Samsung Galaxy S4 will be officially available starting with April 26th but, we’re expecting users who made pre-orders to get their shipments earlier than that. As you know might already know, the UK Galaxy S4 model will be packing the Snapdragon 600 Quad-core CPU instead of the Exynos 5 Octa variant. That’s because the octo-core processor doesn’t have support for 4G LTE networks and Samsung decided that they the Qualcomm model would be the best choice for UK customers.

Do you plan on pre-ordering the Galaxy S4 today or you’re planning on waiting until new and, maybe, better offers will be available ?

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