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Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One: Which One Is Better?

After months of waiting, the Samsung Galaxy S4 was officially unveiled last night during a press event held in New York. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is expected to become the fastest-selling Android-powered smartphone ever, but there are already lots of interesting smartphones out there that will try to stop it, and HTC One is one of them.

The HTC One saw the light of day a couple of days before Mobile World Congress 2013 event opened its gates for the public and its design and technical specifications are recommending it as one of the big overachievers of the Android segment. Of course, the Sony Xperia Z is also one of the smartphones that will perform well on the market in 2013, but we will talk about it in a different article.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One belong to the same generation of smartphones, so you will find a lot of similarities in terms of specifications. They are both running on Android Jelly Bean, but each company fitted their proprietary user interfaces on top of Google’s mobile platform.

Since Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One will definitely rule the Android smartphone segment, we though it’s time to put them head to in a Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One battle. It will definitely be an interesting battle between two of the most powerful smartphones out there.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One battle will consist of eight rounds where we will be judging the smartphones’ performance when it comes to Display, Dimensions, Design, Memory, Processor, Connectivity, Camera, and Operating System. We will award 1 point for the winner of each round and after the Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One battle comes to an end we will draw the line and see which of the two is the winner.


To me, and I am sure that to many of you, the display is one of the most important aspects of a smartphone. Why? Because every time you do something on your smartphone, the display is what you are looking at, so, in my opinion, the user should always love the display of his/her smartphone.

Just like we predicted after the first flagship smartphones saw the light of day in early 2013, the 5-inch full HD displays have became the standard for the Android high-end smartphone segment.

In the red corner there’s the HTC One packing a 4.7-inch Super LCD3 display with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels, Gorilla Glass 2 protection and a pixel density of 469 ppi.

In the blue corner is the Samsung Galaxy S4 boasting a 5-inch full HD display with Super AMOLED technology, 441 ppi, and a Gorilla Glass 3 layer that protects it against scratches.

Even though two displays are fairly similar when it comes to size (S4’s is slightly bigger), resolution and pixel density (One has higher ppi, but I am sure most of the users will not notice it), they are using different technologies for the screen panel.

As mentioned above the Galaxy S4 comes with a Super AMOLED panel, while the HTC One has a Super LCD3 screen. Both displays have their ups and downs. The Super AMOLED panel is unrivaled when it comes to brightness, or contrast, but the color reproduction is not as accurate as you would expect. Both come with great viewing angels, but the Super LCD3 display smashes the Super AMOLED panel when it comes to visibility under direct sunlight.

Because the two smartphones come with great displays and because this round was very tight, we will call it a draw.


The size and the weight of the smartphone is also important for many of the users, so let’s have a look at them.

The HTC One measures 137.4 x 68.2 x 9.3 mm and has a weight of 143 grams. On the other hand the Samsung Galaxy S4 is 136.6 mm tall, 69.8 mm wide and only 7.9 mm thin, while weighing 130 grams. Even though it has to accommodate a bigger display it’s not as tall as the HTC One, but it is wider than the Taiwanese flagship. Moreover, the S4 is 13 grams lighter than the One and 1.4 mm thinner.

Because the Samsung Galaxy S4 is thinner and lighter than the HTC One, the dimensions round is won by the flagship smartphone of the South Korean phone maker.


Well, we have a winner here even before starting to compare their design and construction, but let’s do it anyway.

Samsung Galaxy S4 continues the design language introduced last year on the Galaxy S3 and continued on the Galaxy Note 2. Looking like a smaller Galaxy Note 2, the Samsung Galaxy S4 uses policarbonate for the back lid that can be remove to grant access to the battery.

Samsung has kept the physical Home button in the low end of the front panel, have made the capacitive buttons less visible when not illuminated and placed the front sensors in line with the earpiece, changes that should offer a simpler, more unitary look.

The edges and the side buttons with metallic finishings are increasing the sensation that the materials used are more premium, even though Samsung used policarbonate for the Galaxy S4 case.

On the back of the smartphone you will find the camera and the LED flash that now sits jut above the Samsung logo. Compared to the Galaxy S3, the speaker was placed in the lower left corner, probably in order to enhance its usability while holding the smartphone in landscape mode or with various accessories.

Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available in two body colors, “Black Must” and “White Forst,” but Samsung also offers a series of multicolored cases and promised that the S4 will receive more body colors later this year.

On the other hand, HTC One has an innovating design, with visual elements that differentiate it from any other previous HTC model, or from competition’s smartphones. The HTC logo was placed on the bottom end of the front panel, between the Home and Back capacitive buttons.

The two dotted grills that cover the front stereo speakers are hinting towards a high-quality sound system, capable of fulfilling the dreams of the music enthusiast.

Just like it happened with other HTC smartphones, the sound is powered by Beats Audio, a fact confirmed by the logo visible on the back of the smartphone, the combination between the amplifying technology and the two speakers being called BoomSound.

The rounded and chromed edges were designed to make HTC look thinner and to highlight the display. Still, this aspect might not please all the users, and we are eager to see how the metal used for the unibody case will behave in time.

The back side of the HTC One was designed around the new camera sensor called UltraPixel, accompanied by the LED flash and, again, the HTC logo. The curved body should provide more grip, and the premium materials used by the Taiwan-based company should make HTC One one of the most stylish smartphones out there. One is available in two body colors: Silver and Black.


The internal storage is also important for many users. Just remember how many complained about Nexus 4’s 8 GB of internal storage.

On the HTC One we have 32 or 64 GB of internal storage and 2 GB of RAM. There is no microSD card slot, so without taking cloud storage into consideration you will be stuck on about 64 gigs of storage.

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 follows the recipe of its predecessors: 16, 32, 64 GB of storage plus microSD card support. Add 2 GB of RAM and that would be all about S4’s memory.

The point allocated to the Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One memory battle goes to the South Korean flagship, courtesy of its microSD card slot.


The processor is the heart of the smartphone, and it’s the component that is makes the difference between a smartphone and a super-smartphone.

HTC One comes with a Snapdragon 600 chipset, introduced by Qualcomm at CES 2013, with quad-core configuration based on Krait 300 cores clocked at 1.7 GHz. The Snapdragon 600 also brings an Adreno 320 GPU and an integrated CPU, and the benchmarks have proven that the HTC One is scores twice as much points as its predecessor, the HTC One X.

Galaxy S4 will come with Samsung’s proprietary octo-core Exynos 5 Octa SoC, based on ARM’s big.LITTLE architecture. The chipset integrates four Cortex A15 cores at 1.6 GHz used for the tasks that require more processing power and four Cortex A7 cores for the basics tasks, meant to improve the battery life. The graphics processing unit is a tri-core PowerVR SGX 544MP3.

Because the LTE limitations of the Exynos 5 Octa chipset, the US variant of the S4 will come with the same Snapdragon 600 processor from the HTC One, but clocked at 1.9 GHz.

Well, the Exynos 5 Octa is obviously the more potent of the two, that’s why the Samsung Galaxy S4 scores another point in its battle against the HTC One.


Well, the high-end Android smartphones launched in 2013 are pretty much the same when it comes to connectivity features and the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One make no exception.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with 4G LTE, HSPA+, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, dual-band, DLNA, Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi hotspot, Bluetooth 4.0, infrared port, microUSB 2.0, 3.5 mm audio jack, and microUSB 2.0. Guess what, the HTC one has exactly the same connectivity features, so here’s another tie in the Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One battle.


After the 41 megapixel sensor and the PureView technology introduced on Nokia 808, we thought that we won’t get any more innovation in the smartphone camera business.

But HTC introduced it’s own new technology on the One model, called UltraPixel, which uses a 4 megapixel sensor, but with higher dimensions, about 1/3 inch. The HTC One camera comes with optical image stabilization and a dedicated processor, being capable of recording full HD videos.

HTC claims that UltraPixel was the right choice in order to provide higher-quality photos. Even though the sensor only has 4 megapixels, it as the same size as an 8 megapixel unit, like the ones used on iPhone 5 or Nokia Lumia 920.

As a result, each pixel of the sensor is a lot bigger and it should provide better performance in low light conditions. HTC One’s UltraPixel camera is completed by two proprietary functions: HTC Zoe and HTC Zoe Share.

HTC Zoe allows the user to record a 3 secons full HD video (30 fps) together with a 16:9 jpeg photo with a resolution of 2688 x 1520 pixel. The result is displayed as an animated preview of the photo in the gallery.

Then, you can transfer the photo via HTC Zoe Share, which will generate a link, available for 30 days, which can be sent to your friends.

Front-facing camera of the HTC One has a 2.1 megapixel sensor, 88 degree aperture and full HD video recording support.

Samsung equipped Galaxy S4 with two cameras. The primary camera has a 13 megapixel sensor with autofocus, LED flash and Zero Shutter Lag technology which promises… well, zero shutter lag.

The front-facing camera has 2 megapixels and support for full HD video recording at 30 fps, as well with Zero Shutter Lag.

Samsung also introduced a new feature called “Dual camera” that allows the user to simultaneously use both cameras for taking photos (Dual Shot), recording videos (Dual Recording) and video calls (Dual Video Call).

The primary camera has several pre-set modes for taking pictures, HDR, and panoramic photos. Among the Galaxy S4 camera features you will find Eraser – allows the user to remove objects from pictures, Cinema Photo – creates a photo where selected objects move, while others freeze, Drama Shot – takes several pictures of the subject and merges them into a single photo, and all the functions that were introduced on its predecessor, the Galaxy S3.

Operating System

We have to Android-powered in the Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One battle, but each runs a different version of Google’s mobile operating system out of the box, and each device has a different user interface.

HTC One comes equipped with Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean and HTC’s proprietary user interface, dubbed New Sense.

Even though the Jelly Bean doesn’t come with any notable changes, New Sense (or Sense 5) brings HTC One closer to the smartphones belonging to the Nexus tribe, as the new UI has simpler, flatter, less annoying, but visible and easy to recognise graphic elements.

May smartphone enthusiasts are appreciating HTC especially for Sense and the changes brought by the Taiwan-based company might bother some of them. Anyway, the Android is so popular because of its customizability and there are a lot of ways to change the user interface of the smartphone.

HTC One also introduces BlinkFeed which is HTC’s way of bringing a flux of information, news, photos and social network updates, on the homescreen of their new smartphone. HTC signed partnership deals with a lot of publications in an attempt to bring the best news for their users.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is equipped with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and the TouchWiz Nature UI, making the new flagship one of the few smartphones to run the latest Android version out of the box.

Samsung also included a lot of new features and apps that should make the phone usage easier and, in the same time, attract the users with new ways of interaction.

Samsung Smart Pause allows the user to never miss a second of a video. Therefore, the video playback will be stopped each time when the user looks away from the display and it will be resumed as soon as the user looks back at the phone.

Samsung Smart Scroll will scroll a web page, email, or a document without the user touching the display. The Samsung Galaxy S4 recognises the user’s face and hand position allowing page scrolling.

Air View is a preview function working in a similar way it works with Galaxy Note 2’s S Pen. The user can preview the content of an email, gallery, or video by simply hovering the finger over the item.

Air Gesture allows the user to change a song, navigate through web pages or accept a call using hand gestures, but, once more, without touching the display.

Even though HTC’s BlinkFeed is a feature that I would like to see on any smartphone, Samsung’s TouchWiz brings a lot of new features to the world of Android smartphones, so, this round of the Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One battle goes to the new-arrival. +1 Galaxy S4.


The Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One battle has come to an end and it’s time to see which of the two smartphones scored more points.

The fight between the two ended up as a draw when it came to their Displays and Connectivity, because both come with similar-sized full HD display, and because they both have all the connectivity features worthy of high-end smartphones.

HTC One’s premium Design with unique lines has brought a point for the Taiwanese smartphone, while Samsung Galaxy S4 outmatched its opponent when it came to Dimensions, Memory, Processor, Camera, and Operating System, because it’s thinner and lighter than the HTC One, has microSD card support, it boasts an octo-core processor, brings more camera features, and the TouchWiz UI comes with a couple of interesting innovations, scoring 5 points.

Summing up the Samsung Galaxy S4 wins the battle against HTC One 5 to 1. Feel free to let us know if the battle should have had another winner, or if the score should have been more thigh. The comments section below is all yours.

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  • Eric Hong

    Agreed with most of the points but using the 1 or 0 point system is really not a good scoring system. A 0-100 absolute system is much better. Since S4 beats the One 5 to 1, does it mean that S4 is 400% better. No, that’s not the case. With a 0-100 point system on 8-10 categories, the race is much tighter. Wrong scoring system here.

    • $18969051

      No, he is literally saying the touch wiz phone is 400% better than the HTC phone lol… I hate anything running touch wiz.

  • eizo

    Dimension – nope, I don’t want a phablet, 4.99″ is too much.

    Memory – none issue, I don’t store my life on something so easily broken/stolen/hacked.

    microSD – overrated, see Memory.

    Processor – non issue for me since the fake Octo-core (only 4 run at any given time) is not available in the US anyway.

    OS – minor version difference is a non issue, will upgrade over time anyway.

    Weight – 13 grams is an issue? seriously? 🙂 your pocket lint weights more than that.
    TouchWiz UI – bloated

    Head tracking – LOL, you need your phone to pause your video for you? because you 1) can’t concentrate on it long enough because you have A.D.D., 2) are at work and should be working instead slacking, 3) are driving (and probably drunk), 4) can’t find the pause button, 5) don’t understand how to press the pause button?

    Camera – none issue, anything above 3MP is useless since social networks will all rescale/resize/shrink/compress your photos anyway. And for print, seriously, my Canon 5D beats the crap out that tiny smartphone lens.

    At this point of evolution of smartphones, you know what matters? Nothing.

    • irdi

      are you hurt? samsung will beat htc every time you cant deny that

      • Poro74

        not in design according to this nimrod.

      • $18969051

        Touch whiz is ugly… Its some kids jumbled widgets and random apps sorted about… And they labeled the mess touch wiz… Gross..

    • I agree With You….
      Samsung Is Overrated Biased Product >_<
      I Had Bad Time With S3…

    • $18969051

      U nailed it…..

    • Raihan Chowdhury

      Lol. U should not be here. You should go and buy a nokia 5130 or even better nokia 1100. I don’t know why in earth technology is moving forward with jerks like you. Complete piece of utter crap with 0% idea for tech.

    • Vamp

      you sound pretty upset that you ended up buying an inferior smartphone 🙁

      its ok, you can upgrade to the galaxy s6 in 2 years.

  • Lee

    So the larger phone gets a point? Who cares about a few grams. It’s made out of fucking aluminum which you never mentioned all yours and was premium design and lines whoever did this is a biased fag. Not saying the one is better but the way you did it was one sided. The octa 8 core runs at what 1.6ghz and you say that’s better than the 1.9ghz snapdragon. Dumbasses

    • freekid2000

      The size of clock speed dont really matter, some laptops and smartphones can have less clock speed that others and still out perform them. The iPhone 5 has less clock speed than the s3 but its faster and smoother than the s3. Dumbass.

      • Poro74

        so based on what evidence you say the processor of the S4 is better, I mean what data?

        • R7ex

          A15 > Krait

      • dk

        The iphone 5 is definitely NOT faster or smoother than any somewhat recent android phone. ESPECIALLY, if youre doing something like video streaming or multi tasking. Iphone 5 fails hard in all categories. I’m in the cellphone business and have seen and played with both s4 and htc one. All four of us who worl together all picked htc one. Better build quality, better camera, better audio. Htc sense is nice, and its smooth. The display is also nicer.

    • Megacharge

      The octa core isn’t even fully functional, it will only ever have 4 cores running at any given time, hence why I said above, the performance differences between the two phones will be marginal.

  • echang

    Not really sure about that Samsung really won on Camera and Processor category. It could easily go the other way.

  • deem

    This reviewer is obviously an idiot. The HTC One is the clear victor here, that is if your looking for a “new” phone.

  • NinjaCEO

    It’s funny, because I’ve read comments on almost every HTC One vs. Samsung S4 comparison and roughly about 75% of readers agree that HTC One seems like the better phone. That just goes to show that consumers don’t care about spec comparisons like much of your review is based on.

    • Androidoverappleanyday

      Pretty sure that consumers are going to buy many more of the S4 than the HTC One so your logic of using consumers as proof in this case does not work very well. HTC needs to step up their game in advertising if nothing else. The S4 is going to out sell the HTC One hands down. I am partial to Samsung myself, but would be thrilled with either phone.

      • Rohan

        It’s about marketing strategy… Samsung ends up selling their shittiest phones as well. HTC’s marketing strategy sucks. I’m sure if HTC introduced a competitive price and improved upon their marketing strategy they could outrun Samsung. HTC is really innovative on their design as well as on their UI. I own a Samsung phone but I still love the way HTC works on their UI and physical design. But their pricing sucks..

    • Megacharge

      Consumers DO care about specs, when the specs are relevant, in the case of these two phones, it’s not relevant because they are so close to each other in the performance realm of things. If the SGS4 shipped with a true 8 core instead of the 4+4 core that will only ever have 4 active cores running at any given time with the other 4 used only for power savings that it’s using, and it had a vastly more amazing GPU that would slaughter the HTC’s, then more people would care. But basically you have a SGS4 that will perform “at best” only marginally faster than the HTC One.

      Consumers are much smarter these days, and they’ve learned (ironically enough) from the battles between the iPhone and Samsung that marginal isn’t necessarily better when one phone has something or several things in particular you find more appealing.

      As for sales, with HTC advertizing the hell out of their phone at UEFA games (that’ll reach about a billion homes world wide) for the past month and continuing to do so, and most users I see on the net leaning toward the One, I expect HTC to sell a crap load of these phones.

  • Southern Pop

    Premium phone looks unprofessional, not mature …revisit your Design score. Maybe Ok for the groupies.That kidlike lockscreen has to go…prefer my own description….no phone is my life companion.

    I am in US so processor is equal for me, memory not that huge a deal for most past 64, battery life will mean more when known.

    Tend to agree with eizo

  • Sekhar

    Totally biased!!!

    1. There was no Comparison for sound. HTC One has a dual stereo speaker mesh on
    the top and bottom of the display in the front. With the Beats Audio
    enhancements, the One features BoomSound that makes use of the built-in
    amplifiers to deliver higher and richer quality audio with lesser
    distortion. 1 up!

    2. Processor: The difference is unlikely to be great (even though S4 has 4 extra cores). Its a draw for me.

    3. Camera: The HTC One is a tough winner here. The quality of shots is much better in normal lights and much much better in low lights, and the I don’t see the Dual Shot being used all that much. 1 up!

    3. Dimension: 13 grams is something i am willing to ignore for HTC One’s wonderful aluminium body, which feels reassuringly strong, smooth and svelte. So its a draw here too!

    Hence, conclusion: Its 3-3 !!!!

    But note,

    For sheer aesthetics and innovation, the S4 can’t hold a candle to the
    stylish and Flipboard-enthused HTC One. It’s fresh, well designed and it
    could take a knock or two before warranting an expensive repair bill.
    If you prefer your Android experience a little more garish and vanilla,
    the S4 is for you ? if you can put up with another bout of plastic X-(

    Samsung’s S4 will no doubt sell like hot cakes and raises the bar of what you can
    cram into a smartphone, but it feels like a case of evolution, not
    I would go with HTC!

  • Tony Varghese

    This article is so biased towards samsung . So sorry” android geeks”.. You have never spoke about dual speakers and definetely cam in htc one is way better and i don’t agree with the judgement you made about processors
    ****you guys may wanna check a more fair reviews from Engadget, CNET or techradar

  • Psingh

    Ridiculous!!!….One sided……No Brainer!!!

  • Not biased guy

    Very biased review indeed. The rest of the comments will be my explanation.

  • fefreekid2000

    Samsung is better than htc, PERIOD!!

  • Anon ymous

    HTC One is better

  • James Kelly

    Interesting comments. I did notice one thing about the article. You failed to say who the winner was in the camera and the processor departments. You mention that the Sammy Processor for US is a Snapdragon 600 with higher clock speed than HTC’s BUT you should have referred or mentioned the Benchmarks between known post for Octa and Snapdragon…. as there have been many Benchmarks reported – if none were made then at least give us some specs to compare. Also what is the difference in the GPU’s.

    Note: Octa may only run 4 cores at a time but the point of Octa is to be a huge battery saver. I hate charging my phone twice a day so if that would help, I am jealous of the rest of the world. At the same time… I remember reading a article that the Octa killed the Snapdragon in benchmarks… but I may be wrong. That is why I am saying the article needs to have references for us readers.

    Is there a way you could make a blog with a poll for points? This would make the judgement seem not so biased, which I don’t fully agree with your scores but I do feel Sammy won because of the removable battery, size of phone and screen size, storage options and the diamond look in the light- see video’s from unpacked- I actually thought that was really cool. Also no one has made any mention of the Temperature sensor that Samsung has built in…. this means you will know what the temperature is outside and not what the weather stations say it is X amount of miles from you- this is major to me as I work in rooms where it would be nice to know what temperature it is. It also has a few more sensors that aren’t mentioned but I forgot what they were. I do give HTC credit for the dual speakers and Beats Audio.

    What was up with the cheesy Unpacked? oh well. No big deal. Just had to say it.

    Finally, how about a new category. How would this device run on AOSP, CM or a mostly Android ROM. Would it be easily done or not. Is there a bootloader? Can it be rooted. Call the Category: Customization Ability.

    • R7ex

      A15 > Krait

      PowerVR 544MP3 > Adreno 320

  • Demestyfy

    The galaxy s4 will totally be very famous for noobs. To be honest, yes samsung may have a lot of wonderful features. But the question is: Was Samsung the one who created those ideas to have features like: Drama shot, Dual cam., Floating touch, and S-Drive? HELL NO! Those features were clearly stolen from HTC, LG, and Apple. What a douche. Talking about display, AMOLED screen ? Pft. Clearly, this display can’t get it’s colors right! Unlike Super LCD 3 that has very brilliant colors though it consumes a lot more battery compared to AMOLED screens. Sound? Clearly The one is the victor. Camera? The one again. Design? Aluminum vs Plastic, Infinity display vs nameless Samsung display. Though Samsung’s screen may have a better glass screen (Gorilla glass 3). To sum it all up, I’d rather go for the HTC ONE. Though i’m guessing samsung will be the winner in terms of selling their phones. Why? because they are very good at marketing and highlighting their features, compared to simple HTC where a lot of areas do not have HTC retailers.

  • Mr Knowadge

    Well I’ve used HTC One X and S3 and to be honest S3 is much, much better. It just feels more human the phone understands you, but the One X is more like a machine and its very uncomfortable as well. So I sold the One X over Ebay. I don’t see how you know that the HTS here is better than S4 when u haven’t used S4. And is not a lie that HTC and LG should work on their touch screens. The S3 has way better touch screen than One X for sure. I don’t know if they fixed that issue here with this new HTC. If I had to chose I would chose the S4 for 3 reasons: Bigger display, more powerful (which in year time when new games and programs are created will be a plus), and I like the look more (my preference). You are saying about the dual speakers of the HTC, but who cares and who listen music over his phone speakers??? And I think it is obvious that Samsung is way better but still if you prefer HTC buy it, but think don’t argue with a fact look pity and silly.

    P.S. btw if you want to make a professional photos buy camera. Also better phone than HTC one is Xperia Z 🙂

    • g0ggle

      who listen music over phone speakers??did you see the s4 launching when the women use several phones as stereo speakers?now tell me who would do that holding phones while dancing like an idiot…and don’t forget the htc one doesn’t need two or more phones to experience stereo sounds

    • dk

      Ive used, s4 htc one and xperia zl. Htc one BY FAR is the smoothest and has the nicest display. I would ALMOST put the zl above the s4. But, zl is 100% not better than either. Though it is nice.

  • NJ

    everyone here is talking about both phones specs and hardware components… But for me it’s important what added value or services these phones bringing to me…. Because now a days almost all high power smartphones work flawlessly and packed with high power components…. So in this sense Samsung is little advanced then HTC and a clear winner…..

  • Poro74

    Dimensions & weight: Yes HTC stands at 9.3mm, but at its thickest point, it’s thinner at the edges. Isn’t the S4 7.9mm of even thickness? 13 grams for an aluminum case seems like a very cheap price to pay (I personally like Al). One is taller and the other wider, so this seem to me more of a draw.

    Memory: 64GB will suffice and even 32GB is enough, nowadays you can and should have pretty much everything online? Oh wait, you can carry a bunch of SD cards and have 1 TB …Draw

    Design: You may like aluminum or not, same goes for policarbonate. More important is how the phone feels in your hand. I personally do not like the physical home button but for some other guy it may be the decisive point for buying.

    Processor: Where are your tests? And even tests mean nothing if the processor + display combo eat your battery. Some milliseconds difference will not have any weight-able weight, like the difference between 441ppi and 461ppi, it’s just meaningless. Both processors won’t make you wait and the performance difference is so marginal it’s just childish to argue about it.

    Camera: Where are the photo and video comparisons?

    Operative system: Are you kidding me? It’s the same OS with a different interface.

    How about battery life? Having the fastest processor by a marginal fraction means nothing if the screen + processor combo eat your battery up, a marginally slower processor that allows you to make it further under heavy use is a far more intelligent choice than just brute power. Maybe you can grant the points to the S4 because it has a bigger battery! That would make it 6-1.

    Both devices are evidently top of the line and not one is better than the other. It’s just a matter of taste, both devices are capable of performing at levels that are higher than pretty much anyone requires and most likely they will end up being sub-utilized by the average user.

    • dk

      Actually, the s4 uses a Lithium ion battery where the htc one uses a lithium polymer. And both are 2600 mAh. The htc one should boast better battery life. But both will be similar.

  • frnd

    no way, specifications are somewhat similar, both the phone can perform well, which matters here is design, s4 looks ugly, htc one feels so elegance with its aluminium unibody fitted with dotted grilled sound system.htc one wins the battle.

  • LOL.. did samsung pay you?

  • oops

    Looks like Samsung is gonna beat the shit out of HTC for another year.

  • Lighten Oup

    Please understand that many of the comments posted here are FAKES, they were most likely hired by one company to bash one brand while promoting their own brand.
    you can’t judge the overall quality of a phone when neither phones were R E L E A S E D!

    When they are released, the consumers will vote with their wallets, not from some whiny trolls hired to spam fake comments all over the place!

    • dk

      I have seen and been able to use both phones (for short periods of time, mind you). I would take the htc one over s4. But, both are excellent phones and goddamn beasts. The htc has better audio quality especially with headphones on. The screen looks nicer and cleaner. I like how htc sense works on it, and the camera is better. Also, htc feel way nicer in my hands. Personal opinion on that one of course.

      • dd

        lets c how good support u get for the htc.

  • Fernando

    I’d buy the HTC ONE without a doubt, It’s damned gorgeous! But we have to admit the review is not biased, the S4 is just a better phone than the HTC ONE, period. It has a large display in a smaller and lighter and thinner phone, the software has more features, the UI is nicer (sense is ugly, at least to me) plus the microSD, and the removable battery (I’m sorry HTC, you’re not Apple) and Samsung gives updates quicker. What happened is the evaluation process was not appropriate, the S4 is sightly better on those aspects but the HTC is very close on each. But the S4 is a dealkiller to me because of its boring design!!! Samsung has released like a thousand S3-looks-like-phones so now is boring and makes it look cheap!!! while the HTC looks fresh and stylish, that is why is the phone I’d buy thought is not the most powerful, who care! there is a point where there is no real difference in specs.

  • aerokid240

    Two great phones. If performance, camera, battery life, etc were both a draw with both smartphones, having removeable battery and microSD is plus and is whats sets galaxy s4 apart for me. Its ridiculous for me to say that i will purchase the HTC one because of the aluminum body, when the darn thing gone be in a case anyways. Therefore, i will give samsung the edge. Some may not see or understand the added benifit of having removeable battery and microSD until it becomes a necessity. Like, what if your battery’s performance declined drastically after the first year (no more warranty on phone). With the galaxy s4, you can swap in a new battery easily. With the HTC, you’re out of luck. So basically, what i’m saying is its better to have, than to not have it at all.

  • NobleGeorge12


  • Xenon

    The HTC One is the winner. I don’t give a shit for the samsung galaxy S4. Yeah, maybe, Samsung did much more better than HTC in MARKETING. ONLY MARKETING, no others. If HTC Improves in their marketing, no ones gonna give a shit for Samsung.

  • Xenon

    HTC is brilliant, but they’re just “quietly brilliant”… They’ll need to advertise more…

  • Keepn it real

    1) These two phones are basically neck and neck with specs.

    2) Samsung has more software features, but lets get real, these features are barely gonna be used more than once simply to test them out.

    3) HTC sense is better than touchwiz. I think its fair to say that the interface is simply better and more futuristic

    In my mind HTC One wins because of their sleek metal and unique design.


    I would rather get a galaxy s4 for main reason that there will be more support for this phone. It is a much more popular device, meaning updates will come faster, unique accessories and cases will be available for the s4 compared to htc one. It seems like once android phones are released they are forgotten about in less than 4 months because another android has came out thats getting all the attention. This was not true with the s3 and expect the same with the s4 due to its popularity. The HTC one will be forgotten about in a few months but not the S4.

    Its like getting an iphone compared to an android. iPhones have so many accessories cases, speakers, updates and overall support. The only android that has this type of support is the s3 and the new s4 will have it to. With that in mind, S4 here I come!

    • dk

      My store ALREADY has accessories for htc one. And our company is pushing htc one more because they feel, as a whole, its a better phone. Can’t tell you who I work for, but we are one of the major sellers in north america.

  • honey

    Htc one is smartest,smooth,fastest and stylish compare to samsung s4. so i whould say that htc one is the winner of this battle…….

  • enzo

    funny,,whole world are arguing over asian products

  • openmindedbloke

    Wow. Passionate debate. I have an ‘old’ HTC One X (not even plus. So last year). My friend has an S3. Both are nice in their own ways. We’re both happy we don’t own a CrApple mephone. That’s all that matters.

  • $18969051

    Samsung is doing something right with their ugly ass android skin Touch wiz to have so many people in love with it…. I personally can’t stand the display or touch wiz.. But people love it.. I don’t get it.

    • Err

      Touchwiz is simple and convenient. But sense is confusing. Maybe it’s that most people love touchwiz, and that few people like you have some exotic taste

      • $18969051

        Touch wiz has so much bells and whistles, a screen that yells color color color saturated color… And the icons look oddly space apart. As if Samsung doesnt know what to do with the screen realestate.. My dad has the s3 and it lags when u scroll…. I watch YouTube videos reviewing touch wiz and it lags right at the time the reviewers says ” touch wiz is buttery smooth’. Lol.. Stock android is king.

  • Jojo

    I am sick of plastic phones. HTC One for me!!!

  • Jojo

    All hail HTC One

  • Reem

    Specs are very very close to each other.
    Even though the S4 is slightly faster than the HTC One, the unibody aluminum design wins me over.
    It’s not like the phone actually has 8 cores running at once, Samsung are going to sell a bunch of the phones due to misleading names like this-and your typical ‘Joe’ would jump onto it.
    However I think this year the HTC One would do better in sales due to it’s body, it will catch attention!

    TouchWiz isn’t all that great anyway-prefer the Sense 5

  • Uriah Romero

    I’m going to have to try them both out, because they both sound like powerhouses. It’s tough to choose because they both have fast processors, great cameras, and 1080p displays that should make anything look good. I pass the time by watching my live and recorded shows on my phone while I’m on my way to
    work at DISH, since it takes a while to get there. I’m able to stream from my DVR everywhere I go using the DISH Anywhere app and I’d love to see how everything looks on a higher resolution display.

  • brilliantly put review samsung products are clealy always the winner the only trueapple competitior best inovates steel doesnt make a phone better, its bad for the enviornment and when it breaks can not be fixed, micro SD are important to pople who dont wanna pay alot for more memory and can remove easily and use in your next phone,its really not that big ulsess your a guy with small girly hands, octa core is the first of its kind and is devoted to saving battery life and will eventualy debut in us but the snap dragon us still beats the one in HTC, samsungs OS is awesome Htc is bland, head tracking= inovation good for every day person who may not wanna touch the screen if there hands are wet for smething like cooking, camera a 13 mp is really awesome no one wants to carry around more devices then needed premium camera always there when needed it, HTC what used to be the go to android device trying to compete its sad

  • manin

    htc one is by far better in almost all aspectes and the reviewer is totally biased by samsung market..samsung is nothing but piece of plastic modules when compared to htc one..thumbs up!!!

  • Guest

    Though the Samsung has better specs, I’d personally have to go with the metal body. The S3 felt almost like a plastic toy. So the “feeling” of HTC One brings me over. Have preordered one already.. 😛

  • I wonder if someone can help me out, I have a Galaxy S, almost 3 years old. I am almost due for a free upgrade. The Galaxy S was extremely difficult to set up Netflix and trying to load digital copies off purchased DVD’s was and is a nightmare. Have they fixed these issues especially the digital copy issue. I would like to think I will be able to hook up my USB and just drag and drop from my PC without Galaxy telling me not recognized, no license or just not loading it. Thaks

  • Ben

    Stfu everyone. One, two, three years from now – another better version of a phone will come out and smoke the shit out of these smart android phones and these phones will be shit. Always comparing, in the end it won’t matter! You guys will look back, all the arguments were pointless and move on with your lives. Peace.

  • samsung galaxy s4 will be the king of android not htc one or xperia z

  • george

    this review was the worst review i’ve seen so far.how can you say that the samsung gs4 is at draw with the htc one when it comes to display, htc clearly winning with 468ppi vs 438ppi .htc one wins in design department and is at draw in processor. the camera specs depend on what your looking for.normal light conditions or low light conditions.And when it comes to operating system and skin. touchwiz is bloated with shit and is still laggy even after so many years as appose to the htc one sense 5 which is closer to the way android was intended to be used. this article is crap

  • Chris

    This was a dumb ass review… The galaxy s4 has a better processor when it can’t even handle simple tasks without stuttering? The Htc one is flawless and all the camera features the Galaxy s4 has is built in to Zoe or did you know that…. The Galaxy s4 is not innovative it’s Samsung taking you dumb ass’s money and giving you what you bought last year with gimmicky features that anybody with ANY kind of life would never use -_________- This review pissed me off…. It’s a true disgrace to the world of wireless technology