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Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One War On Twitter Comes to an End

It seems that the battle between Samsung and HTC has gone further than just which side has the better flagship smartphone. HTC accused Samsung that except for the exaggerated presentation, the Samsung Galaxy S4 doesn’t bring anything new to the market. Of course, these kinds remarks are often made by rival companies, and there is nothing unusual about this.

However, the real battle took place on Twitter where HTC and Samsung have exchanged rude messages over the past few days, which afterwards have been deleted.

It seems that the story began when the HTC official Twitter account posted tweet calling the Samsung Galaxy S4 “the next big flop” (the device has been marketed by the South Korean company as the “next big thing”). At that moment Samsung didn’t give a response, until the Samsung Mobile UK Twitter account gave a reply to one of the Twitter users, saying that “four is always better than one”. Its more than obvious that the tweet was referring to the HTC One, which according to the Samsung Twitter doesn’t match the performance of the Galaxy S4.

Of course, HTC wasn’t happy with that remark and ironically replied that “plastic is not fantastic, my friend!” (which by the way, it’s my opinion too).

All the messages between Samsung and HTC were posted two days ago, on march 20. Some execs of either HTC or Samsung must’ve seen the conflict between their Twitter accounts administrators because the tweets have vanished. Moreover, the user they have replied to has made his account private. However, thanks to GSM Arena, we have the screenshots (you can see them below the article). Even though there is no love between Samsung and HTC, with HTC being the nr 1 mobile company a few years ago and Samsung the current Android leader, it looks like this was too much.

Ah well, it’s not like they’ve gutted each other. The truth is that even if the Samsung Galaxy S4 does come with plastic casings, the demand for it is four times higher than the Galaxy S3. It looks like we’re going to have another record when it comes to sold units. HTC on the other hand, has been experienced problems in making the HTC One available, so the battle seems to be lost before it even began.

Plastic may not be so fantastic, but it gets sold in tens of millions of units, which is the whole point after all.

What do you guys think about this rather childish conflict?