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Samsung Galaxy S4 will be officially available at T-Mobile US starting with May 1

T-Mobile held today its UnCarrier event earlier today and it became the first United States network that confirmed the official release date for the Samsung Galaxy S4. The smartphone model is the 4G LTE one which will sport the Snapdragon 600 4-core CPU and it will be launched on May 1st for all US customers of T-Mobile.

The Galaxy S4 takes over from Galaxy S3 and it will surely become T-Mobile’s best selling smartphone to date. All the other US Carriers are keeping potential buyers in the unknown and we still can’t say for sure when the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available from Sprint, Verizon, US Cellular or AT&T.

T-Mobile offers the Galaxy S4 at a price of $99, which seems cheap. But, you will still have to pay an additional $20 every month for 24 months on contract until you pay the device entirely. These contract plans have been titled UNcarrier and T-Mobile tries to attract as many customers as possible using a different tactic than those used by all the other networks.

Samsung Galaxy S4 on T-Mobile US will pack the 4G LTE connectivity, the quad-core 1.9 Snapdragon CPU, 5-inch 1080p Super AMOLED Display, 13MP Camera and the latest Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean firmware. Besides all these you will see all the new Samsung features included. Also, T-Mobile plans to release a 4G LTE variant of the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the near future, as an alternative for users who don’t want to spend big on a new phone.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 phone is the latest device that will be sold at a price of $100 by T-Mobile. They already announced that the BlackBerry Z10 and iPhone 5 will also be available for $100 and a monthly pay of an additional $20 for 24 other months. Also, in the Uncarrier event by T-Mobile, the HTC One will also launch this spring and cost the same amount of money as the SGS4.¬†Seeing the HTC One and Galaxy S4 devices launching at the same time and packing similar hardware it makes things much more interesting and we can’t wait to see which one will sell better.

The unlocked variant of the SGS4 will sell for at least $600¬†which might mean that T-Mobile managed to come up with an offer that you can’t refuse. But, are you ready to pay more on a monthly basis for a device that will surely be considered old in 2015, when your contract with T-Mobile expires?

Do you plan on buying the Samsung Galaxy S4 4G LTE on May 1st from T-Mobile US ? Does the $100 attract you and are you fully committed to pay an additional $20 for 24 months along with whatever data plan contract will cost you ? Share your thoughts and impressions in our comments field below.


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