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Samsung Galaxy S5 and Future Samsung Smartphones to Come with Aluminium Case, Shows Report

Ask any smartphone enthusiast which is the worst thing about Samsung’s products and you it will respond that it’s the plastic the South Korean company uses for the case. It seems though that things will change as of next year, as the Samsung Galaxy S5 might become the company’s first flagship smartphone to feature a carbon fiber body.

ETNews writes, quoting industry sources close to the Korean phone maker, that Samsung will operate important changes in the design of its future smartphones. As the redesign is expected to first land on the company’s high-end smartphones the Samsung Galaxy S5 is the most likely candidate for the new design direction.

In an attempt to stay competitive on a crowded market, Samsung has reportedly instructed its designers to find a replacement for the plastics used for its product’s cases. It seems that a solution is on the way as the 2014 Samsung smartphones may use magnesium or aluminium. While the first one is known for its low weight and cheap production price, the latter one is more durable and capable of giving a premium look to a smartphone.

Also, don’t be surprised to hear that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be made of carbon fiber, as the South Korean company recently joined SGL Group “The Carbon Company.” Moreover, the carbon Fiber is ultra light, easy to mold into just about any shape you want and very strong, thus it’s a great candidate, as well.

As I was mentioning above, the first smartphones that will receive the metallic design treatment will be Samsung’s premium smartphones and tablets, while the affordable products will stick to the same plastic bodies.

According to reports, Samsung is already working with the new materials and it’s experimenting several body designs in its own South Korean factories, but some of the work might be carried out in Vietnam.

What are your expectations from the Samsung Galaxy S5? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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