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Samsung Galaxy S5 Being Tested by AT&T

Samsung Galaxy S5’s release date is getting closer, so we’ll start seeing more and more rumors about it. Today we’re being informed by @evleaks that AT&T is already testing the Galaxy S5 and we are tempted to believe them, as they’re probably the most trustable source when it comes to rumors.

We’re already told you yesterday that Samsung Galaxy S5 might come with Iris scanner and a 2K display, but now we hope to find out more, especially considering that AT&T started testing it already. Now it’s the time for our sources to find out more information, so we expect to let you know more about Samsung’s upcoming flasgship soon.

It seems like the Galaxy S5 variants will have the codenames┬áSM-G900A, SM-G900S and SM-G900F. Like we got used to, Samsung is probably going to use the best hardware, so it might come with a 2,560×1,440 pixels resolution Super AMOLED display, Android 4.4 KitKat, 3GB of RAM and an improved battery. It should also come with LTE-A support and the most powerful processor on the market.

Samsung Galaxy S5

We expect Samsung to release the Galaxy S5 in February or March 2014 and then we’ll find out everything about it. In the meantime more carriers are going to start testing it and we hope to see some leaked photos very soon.

If you find out any rumors about the Galaxy S5 or its release date, please send us an email and you may be awarded, if you can provide good information.


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