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Samsung Galaxy S5: Here’s What We Want

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has been released and now it’s the time to think about Samsung’s next flagship device, the Galaxy S5, which will probably be released in April – May 2014. We’re expecting the Samsung Galaxy S5 to come with really awesome features, considering that the technology is evolving very fast and flexible displays might be ready for use, meaning the smartphones will change radically by next year.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 will clearly come with better specs, an improved processor, GPU and more RAM, but this isn’t so important, because nowadays high-end smartphones are way too powerful anyway and we don’t really need all that power. What differentiates them are the design and features, being them software or hardware.

In a few years we’ll probably be able to replace our tablets and laptops with just a smartphone, considering the pace the technology is evolving. I have been dreaming for years at hologram keyboards and high quality smartphone projectors, that can turn the little smartphone into a computer or home cinema. But we aren’t going to see it next year, though there are a lot of others things that Samsung can do in just a year.

3D Display & Camera

We’ve seen 3D smartphones already, but they weren’t very good and faded pretty quickly. Though I believe the technology has matured and now Samsung might be able to make a high quality glass-free 3D display. Add a 3D camera to that and you already have a fun device in your pocket. I don’t know if Samsung will chose to go on that road, but it’s clearly possible at the moment.

Samsung is known for creating the best displays in the world and they are definitely the most capable at designing a good 3D one for the next Galaxy S5.

Smartphone cameras have also become very good lately and they caused compact camera sales to plummet, because there isn’t much difference between the two. It’s true that you can’t stuck a big sensor in such a small device, but neither cheap compact cameras have one because it’s expensive. So we could soon be able to record decent 3D videos with our smartphone and watch them directly on the device.



A smartphone with a built-in projector ? We have Samsung Galaxy Beam, but it didn’t get too much popularity due to its low specs. Add it to the Samsung Galaxy S5 and it might turn this into a trend. Personally I don’t have a TV set in my home so I’m watching the movies on the computer’s display. But how cool would it be to watch Netflix by using the smartphone’s projector ? Or watching the movies you recorded with the Galaxy S5 itself.

I doubt they will ever be able to pack a very high quality projector in a smartphone, because there simply isn’t enough space for a good lens, but they could fit a decent one, considering that they won’t care so much about the smartphone’s width.

Better battery

Every time a new smartphone is being released, we see that it has an improved capacity battery. But once we get to use it, we don’t notice much of a difference. And this is because new smartphones come with bigger displays and more powerful CPUs that are battery hogs.

I’m expecting the Samsung Galaxy S5 to feature a much improved battery, while keeping the not-so-necessary specs lower in order to meet the users’ actual needs. Nobody needs an 8-core processor on a smartphone, when they don’t even have one on their desktop computer. If they kept the same old quad-core processor while doubling the battery life, I would be a happy man.

An improved battery management software would be great too. Make it easy for me to see what’s draining the battery and help me save it without needing to install third-party apps and keep an eye on them all the time. Let me know what app keeps waking the smartphone up and help me stop it or limit it somehow.

The Galaxy S4 has come with a lot of new features that keep using the frontal camera and sensor all the time, which are draining battery dramatically. These features might be nice, but they should have let the users know the drawbacks of using them.

Improved TouchWiz

Many hate TouchWiz and switch to another launcher as soon as they get their hands on a Samsung smartphone. Others don’t even buy a Samsung device because of the launcher. In my opinion it looks nice and is really smooth, but it lacks the features other free launchers come with. Samsung could simply buy Apex or Nova and start integrating them into TouchWiz. In my opinion, TouchWiz looks better than either Apex or Nova, but you can’t do much about it.

I’d also like to see a better app management in the app drawer, because it’s a clutter and you have to swipe a lot until you find the app you want. Allow the user to sort the apps manually or help him do it by using some filters.

And the launcher is very important because people don’t even know what that is and that it can be changed. The usual customer must like the device out-of-the-box and TouchWiz is a really confusing launcher.

Flexible Display

Galaxy S5 flexible display

Everybody’s talking about it and they all want it. And i believe Samsung is most capable of doing it, considering that they have been the kings of displays for the last decade. The Galaxy S5 could actually come with a flexible display, as we’ve seen them showcased at CES 2013, but they surely won’t be as we expected. When people read about flexible displays, they imagine bending the phone, though it’s not true at all. A flexible display is curved so it can bring more functionality.

As we’ve seen a CES, a smartphone could have a cover on, while you can still read some information on the side thanks to the flexible screen. Though I’m not sure how much would that cover help you in case of a fall. But I hope Samsung can find a way of making them stronger and the Galaxy S5 will surpass every other smartphone’s success for sure.


We’re really expecting the Samsung Galaxy S5 to be an amazing device and we believe the Korean maker will stop offering us just some software features and do something new.

How do you think the new Galaxy S5 will be ?

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