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Samsung Galaxy S5 May Not Feature OIS Camera, Says Report

According to a new report from the Korean media, Samsung is encountering supply difficulties with the Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) module for its smartphone camera, which may force the Asian phone maker to ditch it from the Galaxy S5.

The report comes form ETNews, the publication that tipped that the Samsung Galaxy S5 release date will be in March/April, claiming that Samsung will not be able to install OIS cameras on their smartphones sooner than April 2014. Given that the Galaxy S5 is expected to hit production in January, that would mean that Samsung will not be ready to include an OIS camera on its 2014 flagship smartphone.

If the report proves to be true, it would mean that the first Samsung high-end smartphone with optical image stabilization module will be the Galaxy Note 4, which will hit the market in the second half of 2014.

Returning to the Galaxy S5, it is rumored that the handset will bring a 16 MP camera unit, which will be integrated in 25% of the Samsung smartphones launched in 2014.

For what it’s worth, there are already a handful of smartphones released in 2013 that pack OIS technology, with the likes of HTC One, LG G2, and a couple of Nokia Lumia models among them. Earlier this year it was reported that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 will have optical image stabilization, but in the end it was proved to be just a rumor.

For the time being we have no official details regarding the Samsung Galaxy S5, so the rumors should be taken with a pinch of salt. Moreover, the Galaxy S5 release date is more several months away, so more and more accurate rumors will most likely hit the web in the meantime.

Sources in the industry also claim that the there will be two Galaxy S5 variants, one with a plastic chassis and other with metallic case, and that the handset will pack 3 GB of RAM.

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