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Samsung Galaxy S5 Might Come with New, Flatter TouchWiz UI, Shows Leak

The infamous @evleaks who has an almost straight record of providing accurate reports, has tweeted a few screenshots that seem to be Samsung’s UI for its upcoming smartphones. Since Samsung made a habit of introducing major UI changes with every Samsung Galaxy S flagship, the new design might debut with the Samsung Galaxy S5.

As usual, @evleaks has used Twitter to reveal new information about Samsung’s new interface, saying that “Samsung [is] exploring new smartphone UI.” If the screenshots prove to be the real deal, then we will be dealing with the biggest TouchWiz change since the debut of Galaxy S3 in 2012.

I can’t help but notice the Samsung’s new interface (assuming the screenshots are real) is an attempt to get closer to the more modern look of Android KitKat, bringing a flatter design, with fewer shadows, being less skeuomorphic than current TouchWiz. Furthermore, the Magazine icon you can see in the dock might be related to the new widget interface that debuted a few days ago at CES 2014 on Samsung’s Note Pro and Tab Pro tablets.

Anyway, there are at least three possibilities about the screenshots we’re looking at: they are the real deal and that’s how Galaxy S5’s UI will look like, they are real by they might be just one of Samsung’s design or concepts, or they are fake and we will never see them IRL.

According to the latest rumors in the industry, the Samsung Galaxy S5 release date is only a few months ago and after we’ve heard that it will come with 2K display, aluminium body, or 64-bit processor, this is the first time it was reported that the Korean phone maker is readying a major UI redesign.

Samsung introduced at least one innovative feature each year, so we’re wondering now what would happen in 2014, when the Samsung Galaxy S5 will finally see the light of day. Any thoughts or expectations? The comments section below is all yours.

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