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Samsung Galaxy S5 Price to Be Set Below Previous Generations, Says Bloomberg

A new report from Bloomberg suggests that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 will be cheaper than the previous versions.

The Galaxy S5 is expected to see the light of day next Monday, during Samsung’s Unpacked 5 event held in Barcelona and even though we are yet to see the handset in flesh the reports have pictured an almost complete image of the highly anticipated smartphone, from specs to build materials.

So far, it was fairly easy to predict the pricing of the Galaxy S models in the States. Samsung’s flagships were usually priced around $550 – 600, having an on-contract price of $199.99. A new report from Bloomberg says that Samsung will be more aggressive about the price of the Galaxy S5. The Korean company has reportedly talked to at least one US carrier and agreed to lower the price of their next-gen flagship smartphone.

Unfortunately, the folks at Bloomberg failed to reveal more details about the Galaxy S5 pricing. Anyway, it has been rumored for a while that Samsung will launch the S5 in both standard and premium versions, so the new report might actually talk about the “base” version of the new smartphone.

Even though there’s no concrete evidence on the Galaxy S5 pricing, we could speculate that the Koreans might have a pricing approach similar to Apple’s iPhone 5C and 5S. We might see the standard GS5 hitting the market at $99.99 (with two year-contract), while the premium model might cost $199.99 (on contract).

For those of you that missed the latest reports, I’ll remind that the Galaxy S5 is expected to pack a 5.25-inch 1440 x 2560 display, octo-core Exynos 6 / quad-core Snapdragon 805 processor, 3 GB of RAM, 32/64 GB storage, microUSB, Android 4.4.2, 16 MP primary camera, and a fingerprint sensor integrated into the home button. On the other hand the standard model (which will reportedly have a plastic case compared to the metal body of the premium variant) might sport a 5.25-inch 1080p screen and only 2 GB of RAM.

If the rumors prove true, would you be tempted to acquire the standard model or the premium one? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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