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Samsung Galaxy S5 S Note, S Translator, WatchON, and S Health APKs Now Available for Download

The Samsung Galaxy S5 will start to ship worldwide on April 11th, but until then we should see wallpapers, sounds, applications, and other contents being leaked and made available for download.

These apps are working with Samsung Galaxy S4, Note 3 and with older Galaxy smartphones. WatchON, S Note, Gear Fit Manager, S Calculator, S Health, Gear Manager and S Translator APK have all been leaked fully working except from the S Health one.

All the applications have been leaked to XDA Developers with most users confirming that the apps are working. However, it seems like the S Health one isn’t functional. All the S Apps from Galaxy S5 are using a revamped UI with cleaner look that should improve the overall speed. The applications can be installed on Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 devices running on Android 4.4.2 KitKat OS.

The Gear Fit Manager APK will not work without a Gear Fit gadget. The other APKs such as S Calculator, Gear Manager, S Note, WatchON and S Translator can be installed on your smartphone after the download is complete. Install the new applications only for testing purposes and after you create a full Backup of your device.

Note that some S apps that are already installed on your device need to be removed before installing the new versions, so you should do it. Some applications can be deleted only if you have root access so it would be best for you to check more info at XDA. If your device is rooted, you’ve uninstalled the older S apps versions, then you simply need to launch the new APKs and confirm process.

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