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Samsung Galaxy S5 to Be Water and Dust Proof, Says Report

Soon after the South Korea-based phone maker introduced the Samsung Galaxy S4 flagship, a rugged Galaxy S4 variant saw the light of day, dubbed Galaxy S4 Active. If a new rumor proves accurate Samsung will no longer launch Active variants of its current high-end smartphones.

ETNews Korean publication writes that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be the company’s first flagship smartphone to come with water and dust proof capabilities. No, it seems that it will not be an underspeced terminal like the Galaxy S4 Active, as the water and dustproof functionality will be applied to the standard Galaxy S5 model.

You probably are aware of the fact that Sony’s high-end smartphones launched this year come are both water and dust resistant, with Xperia Z, Xperia Z Ultra, and the recently announced Xperia Z1 among them. Well, it looks like Samsung aims to take on Sony’s rugged flagships.

But why did Samsung decided to change their design? Some say, that the Galaxy S4 Active is more popular than Samsung expected, while others say that the South Korean company would want to change the republic’s opinion about their handsets being “less premium” than the likes of HTC, Apple, Nokia, or Sony.

The sources quoted by ETNews also claim that Sammy is currently testing new materials for the Galaxy S5’s case and that changes in the supply chain. Of course, there’s no solid proof of a rugged Galaxy S5, thus we are advising you to take the rumor with a pinch of salt.

Would a water and dust proof Samsung Galaxy S5 make sense? Of course it would. First of all it would attract the customers in search of a rugged high-end smartphone like the Xperia Z1 (or its successors). Second it would make Samsung a true premium smartphone maker given the materials used to build the device (glass and aluminum are most likely to be used). Third, it would make the Apple customers (who are so in love with iPhone’s aluminum case) consider the Galaxy S5 over the next-gen iPhone.

What about you? Would you enjoy a water and dust proof Samsung flagship with a premium-looking case?