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Samsung Galaxy S5 to Come with Iris Scanner and 2K Display?

Not long after Apple introduced the iPhone 5S with its fingerprint scanner, the rumor mill speculated that Samsung’s next-gen flagship, unofficially dubbed Galaxy S5, will bring things to another level and introduce iris scanning technology. New reports coming from Korean media┬ástrengthen the iris scanner-related rumors.

The latest Galaxy S5 rumors in the industry say that Samsung’s 2014 flagship will debut an iris scanner and a 2K display. So far we’ve heard that the Samsung Galaxy S5 might come in two body variants, a premium metal one and a plastic one with swappable battery, and that the Korean phone maker is working on a 64-bit Exynos processor that will be integrated on the Galaxy S4 follow-up.

The rumor mill also speculates that the Galaxy S5 will feature a 16 MP rear-facing camera with optical image stabilization, though sources close to the matter indicated that is not capable to manufacture enough OIS modules, therefore the technology will be ditched from the company’s high-end smartphone.

ZDNet informs that Tizen OS will be an important part of Samsung’s plans for 2014, but you definitely won’t see a Galaxy S5 running this OS.

Early reports said that the Samsung Galaxy S5 production will kick of in January, followed by a market debut in late February/early March, but the reputed blogger Eldar Murtazin said that we should expect the GS5 to debut as usual, sometime in the late April – early May time frame.


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