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Samsung Galaxy S5 To Feature Metal Body

Back in June we broke the news with an exclusive story about an aluminium body Samsung Galaxy S5. Since then rumors kept flowing and it seems like we were right, as more reports are showing up about this story.

It seems like Catcher Technologies, the same company that builds the iPad’s casing, is going to make the Galaxy S5 body. There have been many complaints from Samsung users about the build quality of their smartphones and, as we told you back in June, it seems like Samsung is going to improve that switching from polycarbonate to a metal alloy.

Samsung is the most popular smartphone maker, but there are a lot of users who switch to their competitors because of the build quality. We believe this rumors is true, as Samsung is constantly trying to increase the quality of their products in order to keep their customers happy.

We already have a leaked photo of the Samsung Galaxy S5’s metal frame, so it could be the real deal if they don’t change their mind in the meantime. If everything goes well, we’re pretty sure that Samsung is going to ship a metal-body Galaxy S5, as it’s probably the most important aspect of their devices the customers are complaining about.

2014 is getting closer and Samsung Galaxy S5’s release date should be around May, which means there isn’t much time remaining for them to start production. We expect to see more leaks and realistic rumors as the release date nears, as they will start testing the device.

As always, we will do our best to find the best information about your favorite products and we’re in continuous talks with our sources in order to find out what Samsung is preparing for us.

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