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Samsung Galaxy S7 to Offer a Pressure-Sensitive Display, Claims WSJ

The Wall Street Journal today published a report revealing some very interesting new details regarding Samsung’s upcoming flagship smartphone the Galaxy S7. The report also confirms some of the previously rumored specs that we have been doing the rounds for quite some time now.

The biggest new info the WSJ report has revealed today is that the Galaxy S7 display could be equipped with a pressure-sensitive technology, similar to what Apple has done with ‘3D Touch’ on its latest iPhone 6s duo. No other details have been shared though, so it isn’t quite clear if Samsung will use its custom tech or go with the Synaptics Clearforce technology that is expected to be used on quite a few Android smartphones next year.

Continuing with the display, the report suggests the Galaxy S7 will include an “Edge” variant like the Galaxy S6, which is something that has been rumored for quite long now. However, the regular version will apparently offer expandable storage, while the “Edge” variant will not come with a microSD card slot for expansion.

In terms of design, WSJ sources also confirm the Galaxy S7 will not be very different to the Galaxy S6. We have recently seen some leaked renders of the Galaxy S7 Plus that seem to suggest the very same thing. This isn’t really a bad thing though, as the Galaxy S6 has definitely been a pretty significant improvement design-wise, compared to the previous generation Galaxy flagships. However, one welcome design change is claimed to be the flush camera at the back. This year’s models have a slight camera bump at the back, which isn’t appreciated by most users. The camera itself is claimed to have improved in performance, but again, no specific details. According to previous rumors, the Galaxy S7 could be equipped with Samsung’s BRITECELL sensor which promises to deliver superior results in low-light situations. USB Type-C port and fast-charging capabilities have also been confirmed by the report, just as previous rumors have claimed.

Like a few recent reports, the latest report also seems to claim that the Galaxy S7 will debut at the Mobile World Congress in February next year, and not in January as some rumors had been suggesting. Sales in the US are claimed to begin by the middle of March next year, which sounds about right.

Are you excited for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and its ‘Edge’ sibling?

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