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Samsung Galaxy Star Release Date Rumored to be April 2013

The Samsung Galaxy Star has been unveiled since we have first leaked some info related to Samsung’s plans for MWC 2013, but since then there weren’t any other details offered, or at least rumored. Anyway, until now we only knew that the Star is a low range Android powered smartphone that comes with some decent specs but with Jelly Bean on board, so due to the same reason we were interested in finding out more aspects related to this new handset.

Fortunately for us, and for those who are interested in buying a new device but on an affordable price tag, now we do know more about the Galaxy Star. Apparently and according to our sources, Samsung will release the handset in week 15, which means that we have an April rumored launch date for the same. Of course the future market availability is still unclear but this is something to start with.

Also, if we are to take a look over the Samsung Galaxy Start specs and features list, we have to mention the following aspects: the phone will be coming with a small 3 inch display (QVGA resolution), a poor 2 MP camera on the back, no front facing camera on the front, 4 GB of internal storage memory, a microSD card slot for expending the storage capacity, Micro USB slot, WiFi, A-GPS and a 1200 MAh battery.

As you can see the handset comes with nothing to impress, though it might be the perfect choice for an entry-level Android user who might be interested in buying a phone that has a low price tag. Anyway, do remember that the Galaxy Star will be featuring the latest Android OS, the Jelly Bean system, so if you are not looking for other high end capabilities, this should do the trick.

Considering the up mentioned performances, the Galaxy Star, which by the way has the model number GT-S5282 might look like the new Galaxy Y, a phone that managed to please a lot of customers. Anyway, do tell us if you like this device and also check its competitors on the market, the upcoming Acer Liquid E1 and Liquid Z2.

Of course more details about the Samsung Galaxy Star, such as full specs and features list, future price and exact release date, are being expected to be announced during MWC 2013, so stay close as we will update you with fresh info as soon as something new is being revealed.