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Samsung GT-i9300 Galaxy M: Dual-Core Goodness Coming in May [w/ PHOTO]

According to Android Community, the Galaxy M GT-i9300, featuring an impressive processor pack will be hitting the markets sometime in May 2012. This is a mid-range phone, dubbed as said above by GSM-Arena, but it will feature a 1.4 GHz dual-core Exynos processor, a decent 1GB of RAM and a 4-inch 720p HD AMOLED display. The new Galaxy M will support resolutions up to 1026 x 600 and will be powered by the coolest version of Android around, the ice Cream Sandwich.

Rumours about this model hitting the stores have been¬†circulating since February, the cold cold month of February, however this time it’s seems to be solid ¬†supposion this time on the new Android-powered, dual-Exynos-corred Galaxy M Gt-i9300. (did I just use an oxymoron there?)

Is there any official statement on this so-called GT-i9300 from Samsung as of yet? No, of course, we would have been quick to spread the news. However, there is a leaked image of this model, displaying the good old Android menu and showing the rather corny edges of the up-coming smartphone.

This comes as an addition to another expected model from the ever-growing maker, the Galaxy SIII, which is said to arrive in April, as hinted by Samsung China CEO in a recent press issue.