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Samsung Invests $4 Million in Wireless Charging Company

Samsung company has invested $4 million in a company that is specialized in building a technology that looked futuristic a couple of years ago. As you probably read above, it’s about smartphone wireless charging.

Samsung’s $4 million investment was transferred into the accounts of a “wireless charging startup called PowerbyProxi,” according to Ubergizmo.com. The wireless charging system developed by PowerbyProxi apparently allows the user to simultaneously recharge several wireless charging-compatible devices using the same charger.

There are no extra details about PowerbyProxi’s new system but it’s probably a Qi charging blanket just like the one introduced by Nokia for one of its Lumia flagships. PowerbyProxi is partĀ of the Wireless Power Consortium, a group that backs the popular Qi wireless charging standard.

It is obvious that the Qi charging is slowly becoming mainstream as a couple of weeks ago it was reported that restaurants like McDonald’s and Starbucks have already started to integrate wireless chargers in their tablets.

So far, Nokia is one of the biggest players of the smartphone market that is actively involved in the development of handsets with Qi charging support. It looks though that Samsung wants a share of the market, too.