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Samsung Is Planning An Escape From Android

When you say Samsung you associate it with Android OS, and that is a natural thing as Android and Samsung were together since the rise of the smartphones, but as any good “love story” it started to fall apart. And is hard to imagine what went wrong or where this “escape” is going to end, but Samsung started to make their own plans and they are leaving Android behind. This won’t happen very soon, but it will happen eventually as Samsung took the first steps with the launch of Samsung Galaxy S4.

But let’s see how this happened and what stands behind this decision. As you probably noticed, at the unveiling of the Android based Galaxy S4, Samsung mentioned the Android word rarely, making it quite unusual for what we were used to hear from previous unveilings. The reason is that Samsung wants to gain its independence from Android by pointing on their own software features, rather than presenting Androids.

The distance between Samsung and Android is quite obvious if we take a look at the many new features that Samsung owns and were introduced in the Galaxy S4. They are actually trying to distance their customers from the original Android platform and making them more comfortable with Samsung made software.

This idea is also sustained by Samsung’s decision to implement those new features from Galaxy S4 to Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2, as long as they are not depending on the hardware. So not only that S4 bought this change, but Samsung is considering to extend it to older models, which puts the entire picture in a new light.

But what is the replacement for Android, you’ll ask. Well, definitely not Windows Phone OS, as it is not good enough for Samsung and Bada is not what it used to be. They might look in their own yard, as Tizen is one solid substitute for Android, of course, with many changes to adapt, but it can be a great choice. And that’s what Samsung will do; they will develop Tizen into a powerful OS and substitute Android in the next two years.

Many would say this is a crazy idea, as everybody sees Android as the best mobile OS, and we can figure that out by looking at the numbers. Android shares a big part of the tablet and smartphone market along with iOS, and its success can be seen everywhere. Even the competitors use it, HTC, Motorola, Sony, but that seems to be the real issue here.

By making this move, Samsung will gain its independence and will start to look more like Apple, with own devices and own OS. But the difference is that Apple has a successfully OS, while Samsung has nothing, yet. We’ll see how this whole thing turns out, and where it is going to place Samsung: on a win list to totally looser.

Meanwhile Android and Samsung will continue the partnership but it is destined to end in a couple years. This puts pressure on Samsung as they have to come up with something much better than Android and this might be a difficult thing to do, as Android already proved its power. I think Samsung should stick on making hardware and leave the OS for someone who knows what they’re doing, but yeah, that’s just my opinion.

So tell me, are you excited by this movement or you think Samsung overrates its powers?