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Samsung is said to be Unveiling the S-Cloud Service on May 3rd

Apple has the iCloud, Microsoft has SkyDrive, and almost every major league company has its own cloud storage service. With the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S III on May 3rd in London, we should expect the guys at Samsung to reveal their cloud service, as Maeil Business states. Samsung is touching the skies with their cloud storage service called S-Cloud. I don’t know if the “S” comes from Samsung or from the Galaxy S series, nowadays companies are not very creative, they just give us Samsung S, Nexus S, without specifying what meaning the letters imply.

Samsung’s S-Cloud is said to have no file restrictions, meaning that you can upload any type of file you want to the cloud. Some say that the basic storage space could be of 5GB or more, and that the S-Cloud will come with a store of some kind, packing TV shows, movies and music.

Rumor has it that Samsung has started an alliance with Microsoft so that their S-Cloud service could benefit of global coverage. Let’s hope that these rumors are true and if they are true, May the 3rd will be a bright day (even if it’s raining).

I’m glad that more and more companies opt for the cloud storage service and I hope that in the near future, we won’t have to clutter our HDD/SSD drives with data because we’ll have Cloud Storage for that. Of course, personal data should stay on our PC/Phone/Tablet because… it’s personal and you don’t want other people seeing it.