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Samsung Knox OS To Be Delayed, Says Report

Last month, Samsung Mobile gave us a lot of information about its own Android OS called Kno, which is meant for business activities. Samsung mentioned Knox back in February and at the time the company announced that the operating system will be released along with the Galaxy S4. Well, the flagship is out, but no trace of Knox. According to a NYTimes report, the operating system will be delayed even more.

If we are to believe the sources that claim they are familiar with the company’s plans, the release of Knox will be this year’s summer. To be more exact, it appears that Samsung is scheduling a launch event sometime in July. As always the sources will remain anonymous, as they declared that they have no authorization to talk about the future releases of the company in public.

Also, it looks like the Knox OS will appear along with some devices that will be launched running the software by default. In my opinion, Samsung’s goal is to compete with the BlackBerry smartphones who are usually used by most business men. Even though Knox will be launched in July, it seems that it will be a limited version of the OS.

The persons familiar with the matter suggest that the full version of Know will be released on the market later this year. Rumor has it that all of the framework components that the OS requires to function will come installed on the handsets. Nevertheless, there will be some time before the full activation by solution providers and distribution channels will be available.