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Project J Line-up to Go Beyond the Samsung Galaxy S4

The Mobile World Congress is going to take place in Barcelona at the end of the month. However, it seems that it’s a big possibility that Samsung won’t launch anything at the event as it’s preparing to hold one of its own. No announcements from Samsung at MWC doesn’t mean that we can’t listen and write about the rumors related to the company and its upcoming products.

When it comes to Samsung rumors, SamMobile is one of the most reliable sources. One of their recently published reports claims that Samsung wants to resurrect the “Project J” codename. When the company announced it, the codename was referring to the Galaxy S4, but it appears that Samsung is going to use it for an entire line of next generation handsets and accessories. To be more exact, the new flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S4, will be launched along with some of its smaller brothers like the Galaxy S4 Mini and the Galaxy Active.

It would be good if Samsung would release a better Mini version of its high-end devices because when the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini was launched it differed a lot from the original Galaxy S3. It was smaller, of course because that’s why it was called “Mini”, but it also sported much poorer hardware under the hood. I hope that the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini will be somehow similar to its bigger sibling.

Moving on to the accessories, the ones for the Samsung Galaxy S4 will consist of a clear cover, headset, an extra battery kit, pouch, flip cover, wireless charging kit, and an HDTV adapter. The Galaxy S4 Mini will have a few accessories of its own, of course.

In my opinion, the best accessory for the Samsung Galaxy S4 would be the wireless charging kit. However, there could be a downside, as well. There is a possibility that the functionality won’t be integrated, which means that the users will have to purchase the backplate and charging pad separately. In case both of the items will be included in the same package, then it;s not such a big deal.

Rumors are just rumor, I know. The news should not be treated as official, but SamMobile has a good reputation when it comes to this sorts of things. I, for instance, can’t wait for that wireless charging kit.