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Samsung Releases Galaxy Ace Duos with Dual GSM Radios

After some months of waiting, the Galaxy Ace Duos has finally been released on a world wide scale. This release fits perfectly into the saying: better late than never, as Samsung has been working hard at their newer tier devices in these last few months. Originally, the Galaxy Ace Duos had only been released in India, but thanks to its success and demand, it has finally made an appearance on the global market.

As its name implies, the Galaxy Ace Duos comes with the needed by some dual SIM functionality, and this is about the only thing that the Ace Duos has over its competition. Since the launch of the Galaxy Ace and the Ace Duos in India, Samsung has upgraded its Ace lineup with a couple of more models, so the specs of the Ace Duos might seem like a tad bit old.

Hardware wise, we can expect the Ace Duos to come with the same hardware as the original Galaxy Ace, with the addition of a secondary SIM slot. We will find a 3.5 inches wide HVGA (320x480px) screen of the common LCD variety, a 5 MP camera on the back with the same VGA video recording, and the good old ARM V7 processor running at 832MHz. the only addition to the original Galaxy Ace specs comes in the form of 512 MB RAM, which were quite needed due to the dual SIM functionality. The internal storage space should be around 3 GB, but you will be able to extend it thanks to the microSD card slot. Our only concern with this Ace duos is the 1300 mAh battery, which is a hefty 300 mAh under the one that can be found on the CDMA version of the Ace Duos.

On the outside, you will be forgiven if you mistake the Ace Duos for the original Galaxy Ace, as they virtually use the same body. The only difference seems to be that the Ace Duos weighs 10 grams more than the original, but this is also something you won’t notice unless you have both devices in hand.

Moving on to the software side, we will also find the same Android 2.3 Gingerbread build running on the Ace Duos, with the only addition being the Samsung proprietary: Dual SIM always on feature. What this features does is basically the same as what you could do with two smartphones in your pockets: it automatically forwards calls from the second SIM to the first one when the user is talking on SIM 1, which can be easily translated into no calls missed calls. Out of all the implementations of the Dual SIM functionality out there, this one seems to be the most attractive one.

And now for the release schedule: Samsung has stated that the Galaxy Ace Duos will be first available in Russia in June, but it will also come to other European markets and eventually to the rest of the world in the following months. The official list of world areas is: Europe, CIS, Latin America, Southeast and Southwest Asia, Middle East, Africa, and China.

As far as the price is concerned, the GSM/CDMA version is priced at $340 in India so we should probably take this price as a reference point for the rest of the world.

With this in mind we would strongly recommend using the Galaxy Ace Duos as a replacement for two mobile phones due to its software, so we will keep you posted if any new info about the Galaxy Ace Duos arrives.