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Samsung Smartwatch Confirmed by Lee Young Hee

Young-hee Lee Samsung Mobile official has confirmed for Bloomberg that a Samsung smartwatch is currently in the works. The Samsung vice-president said that the smartwatch is being developed for a long time and that the company’s engineers are “are working very hard to get ready for it.”

Young-hee Lee didn’t unveil any feature of technical spec of the new Samsung smartphone, but we can assume that it will run Android OS and that it will be compatible with the Galaxy smartphones. Samsung had a previous attempt with a watch (pictured above), the S9110, launched in 2009, but it wasn’t a popular product. Motorola and Sony also tried to launch a similar products over the past couple of years and even though Sony’s device was pretty good-looking I din’t hear of it being a successful product.

Some rumors say that the Samsung smartwatch will be called Galaxy Atilus, but the Samsung vice-president, Lee Young Hee didn’t mention anything about its name.

Looking back at Samsung’s attempts to develop a smartwatch, the South Korean company patented a phone watch in 2007, only to launch the aforementioned Samsung S9110 in 2009. Lacking advanced features, it came with a 1.76-inch touchscreen display, HSDPA 3G connectivity, and a front-facing camera for video calls, Bluetooth, MP3 player and email client.

Meanwhile, the technology available in 2013 has progressed considerably, so we can hope that the new smartwatch will be a truly amazing gadget.

For the time being, Samsung is keeping the details secret, but we can expect the new Samsung smartwatch to be some sort of extension for the users that already own a Samsung smartphone.

The smartwatches will be some sort of secondary displays for the smartphones and you will be able to use it for reading text messages and emails, or access various functions without pulling out the smartphone from your pocket. If they will come with front-facing cameras and mic it will allow you to initiate or receive video and audio calls, while the alerts will be easier to check with the new wrist accessory.

Of course, there will probably be more surprises coming from the next-gen smartwatches, but we will have to wait until the official launch event to see all of them in detail.