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Samsung Tizen Phone Release Date is Q3 2013, Galaxy S3 Sold in Over 50 Million Units, Says JK Shin

Even though the Galaxy S4 was the main course of Samsung’s event yesterday, the company officials also gave some interesting details about other matters, like the sales of the Galaxy S3 and the new Tizen operating system.

Head of Samsung Mobile Communications JK Shin has given an interview to the Wall Street Journal and he said that the phone maker managed to ship more than 50 million Galaxy S3 units singe the device was launched in May 2012. I must admit that I’m pretty impressed with the numbers, but this is not such a big surprise because was and still is a very popular smartphone. Also, this could also mean why the rivals of Samsung are having problems when it comes to sales, as the South Korean company is stealing the attention of most potential customers.

In spite of the worldwide success, Shin declared that the company is not quite pleased with what’s happening on the US market. This is probably why Samsung took the decision of holding its first Unpacked event of 2013 in the Big Apple. It’s pretty clear that the battler between Samsung and Apple is going to continue this year as well, and it’s going to be more fierce than ever.

When asked about the speculation which has suggested that there is friction between Samsung and Google (with the internet giant being unhappy about the phone maker’s success in the Android market), Shin said that this is just a rumor because the relationship with Google is a tight one and there is no conflict between the two companies.

Google has also stated that it doesn’t have a problem with Samsung, so both sides are denying the fact that there are issues. However, Samsung’s endeavor in creating its own operating system is still among the company’s priorities, with the Koreans merging Bada and Tizen. The Samsung official specified that they have a Tizen-based smartphone in development and that it will be available for purchase in Q3 of 2013. Even though he didn’t offer any details, Shin said that the Tizen smartphone is just one of the things the company is planning, as they also manufacture Windows devices in spite of the fact that the users are not searching for such handsets like the used to.

Of course, we expect that the first smartphone that will run Tizen OS will be a flagship and the company will probably provide us with more details about it in the following weeks. In the meantime, you could tell us what phone are you planning to buy. You have several high-end devices to choose from like the HTC One, the Sony Xperia Z, the BlackBerry Z10 and the Samsung Galaxy S4. Or, are you waiting for the Motorola X Phone.


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