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Samsung to Announce Metal Galaxy S5 with Better Specs in May?

Even though Samsung introduced the Galaxy S5 on Monday, the rumor mill won’t shut up about the flagship smartphone of the Korean company. According to a new report coming from Korean media Samsung will release a Premium Galaxy S5 after HTC’s One 2014 gets announced.

It was rumored for a while that Samsung could launch two Galaxy S5 variants: a premium one with a metallic case and a standard model with plastic body (the one that was announced a couple of days ago). The rumor mill also speculated that the two models will be different in terms of technical specifications, too: the Standard model was supposed to arrive with 1080 screen, quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor, and 2 GB of RAM (all confirmed at the Unpacked 5 event), while the Premium model would sport a 2560 x 1440 Quad HD screen, new Exynos chipset, and 3 GB of RAM.

Today, a new report from Korean publication ETNews wrote that the Samsung execs talked about a new premium Samsung smartphone dubbed Project F during the closed-door MWC meetings. It seems that the metal Galaxy S5 everyone talked about would be the first member of the new Galaxy F family. Besides the premium built materials, the smartphone would also sport a Quad HD screen, an unknown Exynos processor, and even optical image stabilization module for the camera sensor. It seems that the reason behind launching two different Galaxy S5 models was procuring enough parts. Therefore Samsung decided to integrate the most powerful ones inside the Premium model and set the price higher, while the standard S5 would be responsible for selling high volumes.

Furthermore famous tipsters Eldar Murtazin and Ricciolo both Tweeted that the “Prime” or “Luxury” Galaxy S5 variant are still on the cards. The later one even mentioned that Samsung will officially introduce the the “Luxury” S5 in about two months, which coincides with today’s reports saying that the Koreans would wait for HTC to announce the One 2014 first. Ricciolo even said that it will come with Exynos CPU, better screen, and metal body.

If the rumors prove true and the Koreans will indeed launch the premium S5 in two months time, it means that we would get to see the smartphone in flesh in the late April Рearly May time frame. Another clue hinting that a premium S5 is in the works might be related to the price of the current model. It was reported a week ago by Bloomberg and than again today by ZDNet Korea that the Galaxy S5 might be priced lower than the previous Galaxy S terminals. This might indicate that Samsung is indeed working on a premium variant of the smartphone.

Anyway, it’s unlikely to see the Koreans naming the device Galaxy F, because the folks at LG already have an F line-up in their portfolio. Who knows, maybe F is just a codename for the device, just like the current Galaxy S5 was known internally as K.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to verify which of these reports are true, therefore we are advising you to take them with an adequate pinch of salt, as nothing is officially until Samsung says so.

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