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Samsung to Embed Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Sensor into the Home Button

Samsung will most likely introduce the Galaxy S5 next Monday at the Unpacked 5 event held in Barcelona and even though the reports that made the headlines over the past few weeks painted an almost complete image of the handset, new information about the Galaxy S4 sequel continue to hit the web on a daily basis.

Early rumors suggested that, in an attempt to outmatch Apple’s iPhone 5S, the South Korean phone maker will introduce an iris scanner on their 2014 flagship, then at CES 2014, one of Samsung’s executives said that the company is looking into the possibility of using such technology on their high-end smartphones, without mentioning whether the Galaxy S5 will use one. In the meantime, we’ve found out that the S5 won’t have an iris scanner module and that it will only sport a fingerprint sensor.

According to a Samsung insiders cited by Sammobile┬áthe fingerprint scanner of the Galaxy S5 will be integrated into the handset’s physical home button, denying the rumors that suggested that Samsung might ditch the physical buttons and that the fingerprint sensor will be embedded into the display.

Unlike the iPhone 5S’s fingerprint sensor which is using static fingerprint reading, the fingerprint sensor mounted on the Galaxy S5 requires the user to swipe the finger across the sensor, making more accurate and secure.

Sammobile also adds that the fingerprint sensor that will be implemented in Sammy’s next-gen flagship will be able to register up to 8 fingerprint signatures and that it will be implemented system-wide. Besides unlocking your device, the user will also be able to create different shortcuts or tasks and access them using their fingerprints.

It looks like Samsung also plans to take the smartphone security to a new level and the “Private Mode” feature will help them achieve that. Under Private Mode you will be able to hide different files or apps and you will be the only one to have access to them. In order to unlock Private Mode you will have to either enter a PIN or use the fingerprint sensor.

Anyway, for the time being there’s no official confirmation for Samsung regarding a fingerprint sensor being integrated in the Galaxy S5. Though, Sammobile has a good record when it comes to reporting about Samsung’s unannounced products, so we have strong reasons to believe that their information about the GS5 is pretty accurate.

As I was mentioning above the Galaxy S5 release date is less than a week away, so we’ll find everything about Samsung smartphone soon. Would you be more interested in a S5 with fingerprint sensor, or you couldn’t care less?

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