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Samsung to sue Apple for 4G LTE iPhone 5, once it gets released

You probably all know about the Apple vs Samsung trials, which seem to never come to an end. And if you always believed that Apple’s victory will get the trials to an end, you were very wrong. Samsung is holding patent necessary for 4G LTE devices, so they are probably impatient for Apple to release such a device so they can sue.

Most probably the new iPhone 5 will come with 4G LTE support, because the market really requires it from a high-end device. Fortunately for Samsung, it holds patents necessary for using the 4G technology, so they will definitely try to block iPhone 5 sales in the US, just like they did with the iPhone 4S for using Samsung’s 3G patents.

Though Samsung hasn’t been very lucky because Apple brought Intel in court, which also had the necessary patents, so the Cupertino-based company won easily. And now it will again be a long-shot for Samsung, as Apple can get help from Qualcomm, which has a vast LTE patent portfolio, so we can suppose this trial will end just as the last one.

What’s more interesting about these trials is that both companies get a lot of media exposure, which increases sales. Samsung recently reported that Galaxy S3 sales increased after losing the trial versus Apple. The downside is that Samsung now owes $1.05 billion to Apple, though they will most probably appeal the verdict.

It’s not long until Apple releases the iPhone 5, which is rumored to be announced on September 21st. We will see then how Samsung plays its cards.