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Samsung Unpacked 2013 YouTube Live Stream Is Now On

Samsung holds right now its Unpacked 2013 press conference which will demo for the first time the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone. You can find the YouTube link right in this post.

The Galaxy S4 will be Samsung’s first Android device that will feature the 1080p Full HD PHOLED display. Today is 14th of March and we will get the first official look at the 4th model of the Samsung Galaxy S phone that should revolutionize the entire smartphone market and set a trend for this year.

There are tons of rumors regarding it and it the next hour we will get all the specs, info, features and features of one of the most awaited smartphone ever.

Samsung will surely bring new features, such as the Smart Scroll, Smart Pause and others more that will be part of the latest Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and the Nature UX interface. Besides all these we will get more new functions that should set the Samsung Galaxy S4 as the best phone of 2013.

The LiveStream for the Samsung Unpacked 2013 is hosted by YouTube and it will be viewed by hundreds of thousands of users worldwide simultaneously. We will get to see the Next Galaxy smartphone and make sure to keep an eye on the live video stream of the Unpacked video conference to be the first that will get the big news.

To view the Unpacked presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S4 simply press the play button on the YouTube link below.

Post your impressions and thoughts about this new product in our comments field.