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Samsung Working on Galaxy X1 and Galaxy X1 Plus Foldable Smartphones

Some of you might be aware that Samsung is working on a foldable smartphone that is expected to be launched commercially before the end of this year. While we still do not know much about the smartphone, a new leak out of China claims to shed a little more light on Samsung’s plans. According to a new Weibo post, Samsung will be launching not one but two new foldable smartphones, which could be dubbed the Galaxy X1 and Galaxy X1 Plus. The Galaxy X1 will apparently carry the model number SM-X9000 and the X1 Plus will carry the SM-X9050 model number.

The foldable smartphone project was reported to be codenamed “Project Valley” in a report last year. As for the specs, there are no details available yet, so we will need to wait until more reports on the Galaxy X1 and Galaxy X1 Plus start showing up online. According to some wild rumors, the smartphone will feature a 4K resolution display, but we aren’t really sure if that could be possible. Samsung and LG had made it clear last year that they do not feel the time is right to move to 4K, thanks to higher costs. However, we cannot completely deny the possibility either, as the Galaxy X1 and Galaxy X1 Plus will be “concept” devices of sort, so we don’t expect them to be produced in large quantities. That means Samsung will only need to secure a small number of 4K panel shipments for the two smartphones, which does seem doable for the company.

As far as the internals go, we can expect the Galaxy X1 duo to be powered by Samsung’s Exynos 8895 and/or Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 octa-core chipset under the hood, paired with 6GB or 8GB of LPDDR4 RAM. Multiple biometric sensors could be on offer as well, including fingerprint, face, and palm sensors. The two smartphones could be officially unveiled in the third or fourth quarter of the year.