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Samsung Working On Samsung Galaxy S3 Firmware Update That Fixes Sudden Death Bug

Samsung Galaxy S3 is the best selling Android-powered smartphone in the world and it will definitely stay at the top in early 2013, too.

There are tens of millions of Samsung Galaxy S3 units currently on the market, and it seems that some of the users are complaining about an issue that has made the headlines lately: sudden death.

Because of the sudden death bug, certain Samsung Galaxy S3 units refuse to power back on. It seems that the problem is caused by a firmware bug that affects a small number of units, most of them being the 16 GB of storage models.

If you are experiencing sudden death on your Samsung Galaxy S3, you should know that your terminal will be replaced free of charge at any service.

Anyway it seems that Samsung is working around the clock to release a firmware update that fixes the sudden death issue. It was reported that the software bug was found both in the stock Android ROM for Samsung Galaxy S3 and in the custom ROMs. It seems that we are dealing with a problem that affects the motherboard.

There’s no real reason to panic though, as there’s only a handful of units affected by sudden death. It’s comforting to know that the South Korea-based phone maker is currently developing a firmware update to fix this problem, so expect it to roll out on your device over the coming week.