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Samsung’s Flexible Smartphone Isn’t a Note 3 Variant, Says Korean Source

It was reported over the past couple of weeks that Samsung is planning to launch a Galaxy Note 3 variant that sports a flexible display based on a plastic OLED panel. A new report coming from an Asian publication comes to dismiss the rumors, saying that the new Samsung curved-screen smartphone will be part of a new series.

Money Today Korean publication writes that the new Samsung flexible smartphone will be a reminiscent of the Youm prototypes introduced by the Korean phone maker at CES 2013 tech fair in January. The same publication notes that the handset will not come with an S Pen stylus and that it will not be a rugged Galaxy Note 3 variant as the first rumors suggested.

Not long ago Samsung representatives announced that the Korean company will launch its first flexible screen smartphone later this month. Anyway, you shouldn’t be fooled when you hear about flexible smartphones, as the device itself will not bendable. The only flexible component will be the screen, which will most likely be concave, facilitating the interaction with the touch interface and being almost impossible to break courtesy of the plastic-based panel.

We even have some rumored technical specifications for Samsung’s curved smartphone coming from Ambelo Japanese blog (translated). A smartphone codenamed SM-G910S that fits the description of the Samsung curved handset was spotted in GFXBench benchmark logs, sporting a 1902 x 1080 display, Snapdragon 800 processor, and running Android 4.3.

The same benchmark log revealed that the terminal is also compatible with the LTE Advanced standard, which checks with the reports saying that Samsung will debut the handset at several Korean carriers.

Anyway, Samsung will not be the only company to launch a curved-screen smartphone, as its Korean rival also has a similar device in the works, unofficially dubbed LG G Flex. Rumor has it that the LG smartphone will be launched in November.