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Self-healing Screen Protectors Spotted In The Wild And Actually Working

Smartphones have become really expensive lately and one of their problems is the display that after some time of use gets a lot of scratches, especially if you keep it in your pocket with the keys or anything else. Keeping it in a sleeve, case or bumper isn’t so comfortable, especially that nowadays smartphones are pretty bulky themselves.

Currently people who want to protect their displays from scratches use screen protectors, but it’s not very easy to add them and sometimes look bad on the device. Screen protectors must also be changed every few months.

Fortunately for everyone, there’s a Japanese company who managed to develop a self-healing screen protector for smartphones. This technology is working and is already present on some notebooks. The technology developed by Toray Advanced Film uses a self-curing layer on top of a PET film, with a thickness of just 125?m. According to them, the self-repairing screen protector manages to repair by itself in just a few seconds, thanks to its increased viscosity, high elasticity and cushioning properties.

While similar technologies are present on the market, the one produced by the Japanese company takes less than 10 seconds to repair and also lasts longer. During their tests on the material, it managed to repair itself over 20,000 times.

Though this self-healing coating will be very helpful in most cases, it won’t be able to repair any serious damage. Being very thin, it cannot repair scratches that go deeper than it, though in the future we will probably see better technologies able to repair much severe damages.