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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Release Date & Rumors round-up

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release date is getting closer and we already have tons of rumors about Samsung’s next generation phablet. We’ve heard about a new stylus, finger hovering, 6.3-inch displays, flexible displays and many release dates, though we can’t be sure about anything.

In this article I will do my best to gather all the information and I will update it every time we have news about the Galaxy Note 3. What we can guess at the moment is that Samsung will release it by the end of the summer or maybe during fall, close to Apple’s iPhone 5S release date.

Galaxy Note 3 rumored specs

Back in December Riciu Andrei reported some rumors about a 6.3-inch display and I really believe it can be true. By doing some measurements, we decided that Samsung can really fit a 6.3-inch display in the Galaxy Note 3, while keeping the same case size as the Galaxy Note 2. Personally I wish this was true, because I really want a bigger display, provided the smartphone’s size remains the same.

Later on Bogdan Pirvu was writing about Samsung’s new Exynos 5 Octa chip, that might skip the Galaxy S4 and make its appearance along with the Galaxy Note 3. Hopefully Samsung will manage to get it ready for production until the Galaxy Note 3 is ready, because it will definitely be a very powerful processor.

Galaxy Note 3

Early February we heard some rumors about stylus and finger hovering, which sounds really cool. Unfortunately we didn’t see any proof, though we can’t call it impossible. Around that time Samsung acquired 5% of Wacom, which makes us think they are really working on something like that. For more information, read the piece written by our buddy Liviu Anca.

Two weeks ago some reports said that both Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S4 will feature Visa payWave NFC Mobile Wallet App. And we’ve seen already that NFC payments are the future, which is actually great. Why carry a credit card with you while can do everything with your phone ?

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Then we’ve had some rumors about a 5.9-inch Samsung device and we believe it can be the Galaxy Note 3. Hopefully it will have the 6.3-inch device we’ve been talking about earlier, though 5.9 is still good. Unfortunately we can’t be sure if the 5.9-inch device is real and if it’s really the Galaxy Note 3. It’s possible that Samsung is working on other smartphones along with their flagship devices.

Galaxy Note 3 release date

Official Release Date: Still unknown

At the moment we believe that Samsung is preparing for a late August or early September release date for the Galaxy Note 3, but there’s nothing very clear. Once we find out more rumors of information about it, we will update this post and let you know.

  • Giovonni Fareed

    just got my note 2 which I love and adore But when ever this bad boy comes out I’ll be getting that too! bigger is better, now that iv got used to the note2 size im ready for something bigger

    • lol

      bigger is better, ( thats what she says)

  • syed nazeer

    Hi this is Nazeer,
    I trust Samsung is very good company and they make very good products please don’t spoil Samsung spirit in people. Delivery time make delay no problem but with out cheak every unit don’t release in any market keep this matter very important this is not my words people words.

    Thanks &Regards

    Syed Nazeer
    One Of Samsung Customer.

  • Sandra Fuller

    I had the first Note sold it to buy the Note 2 and so I will be selling it to get the Note 3.Next upgrade is in August woohoo!Glad hubby dont use his so I get to use both upgrades!He prefers his old rugby flip phone I bought off of Ebay.

    • noc007

      Perhaps you should buy another one of those flip phones just to have as a spare. 😉 Kinda odd he’s not into gadgets.