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Siri No Longer Provides Google Search Results, Switches to Bing in iOS 7

Besides showing of the new iOS operating system for its devices during its developers conference yesterday, Apple made another announcement which seems very important to me and especially to all the iPhone and iPad users. So, iOS will have pretty much the same services, but the new OS version comes with a significant modification to Siri, which will no longer use Google for its internet searches, but Bing. It’s really funny considering that only 17% of the internet searches in the US are made through Bing. Of course, maybe Apple has closed a partnership with Microsoft, or perhaps they just want to end all the connection with Google (which is more probable), but Bing, really?

As I told you only 17 percent of the internet searches are performed via Bing, thus the internet users clearly think that Google is better. Some people think that Bing is not as popular as Google Search and that’s why there is a big usage difference between those two, but in reality Bing has a lot of exposure. For instance, Yahoo is using it to power its search results, and it’s also integrated into IE. I’m not saying that Bing sucks, but it definitely can’t compete with Google Search. Many smartphone users think that Siri is already less useful than Google Now, but bringing Bring to the table is too much, and will make Siri’s fan base decrease even more.

However, the users who are not satisfied with Bing, they can manually choose Google Search when using Siri.

Even though Apple is fully trusting Bing with the internet searches for Siri, it seems that the company won’t go any further. The fresh iOS 7 also offers a new variant of its own web browser, namely Safari, which surprisingly still has Google as the default search engine. This new version of Safari is referred to as the “unified smart search field” that utilizes Google Search for URL suggestions and automatic search, this time.

So, it looks like Apple is still trying to not rely on Google so much, and this is the latest change in their quest for doing that. The last Google service that they removed was Google Maps and for good reason because Google Maps was unusable on iOS giving the users the wrong information oftentimes.

I hope that switching to Bing won’t be that awful, but I’m sure that the iOS users won’t be very happy with this. They usually accept whatever Apple throws at them, but I think this won’t be the case.

What do you guys think?