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Six New Samsung Devices Show up in Benchmark Logs: Galaxy Fonblet 5.8, Cheap Nexus 10, and More

The countdown for MWC 2013 has begun and now, with three weeks remaining until the debut of the tech event, we’ve got new details about six unannounced Samsung terminals.

Even though the South Korea-based company didn’t confirmed any new products for MWC 2013, except for the Galaxy Note 8, I am confident that Samsung’s booth will be crowded with new terminals.

Some benchmark logs are indicating that Samsung is readying not less than 6 new terminals and I am confident that we will be able to see most of them in flesh at Mobile World Congress 2013 event. Let’s have a look at each one of them.

According to the benchmark logs Samsung Galaxy Fonblet 5.8 (GT-I9150/GT-I9152) will come with a Broadcom BCM28155 CPU clocked at 1.2 GHz, VideoCore IV GPU, and a qHD display, plus Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. Judging by the terminal’s name, the touch panel will most likely be a 5.8-inch unit.

Samsung Galaxy Pocket 2, codenamed GT-S5310/GT-S5312, will come with a 850 MHz Broadcom CPU thus it will be a low end terminal. The benchmarks revealed that it will come with the same VideoCore IV GPU as Fonblet 5.8, but it will feature a VGA (320 x 240 pixels) display. In a strange way, the low end handset will come pre-loaded Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean.

Samsung Galaxy Star (GT-S5282) is also a low-end model, fitted with a Spreadtrum processor, Mali 300 GPU, 320 x 240 pixels display, and Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean out of the box.

The benchmark logs also talk about Samsung Galaxy Young, codenamed GT-S6310/GT-S6312, which boasts a 1 GHz Qualcomm 7×27 GPU, Adreno 200 GPU and HVGA display with a resolution 480 x 320 pixels. Even though it was initially tested on Android 4.0.4, the smartphone will hit the market with Jelly Bean.

Samsung Galaxy Frame, or GT-S6810/GT-S6810P, will come with a 1 GHz Broadcom processor, VideoCore IV GPU and HVGA (480 x 320 pixels) display, plus Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. It will be available in two variants, one with NFC chip and one without.

A mysterious model, GT-B9150, which might be a member of the Samsung Galaxy tribe, was listed boasting a dual-core Exynos 5 Dual processor clocked at 1.7 GHz, Mali T604 GPU amd full HD display, while running on Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean. Even though it’s not mentioned whether it’s a smartphone or tablet, rumor has it that it might actually be a cheaper Nexus 10.

Which of these models do you think will be displayed at MWC 2013 in Barcelona?