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Sliver and Gray HTC One 2014 Variants Get Leaked

Yesterday, we found out that HTC’s next-gen flagship, known so far by its codename, HTC M8, will be branded as “The All New HTC One.” So far, we’ve seen a similar branding approach for certain Apple, Samsung, or Google Nexus devices, so we might actually see the device being called HTC One 2014.

Along with revealing the “The All New HTC One” branding, @evleaks, the famous leaker who has a straight record of accurate reports of unreleased products, also showed us a press photo of the Gold Edition HTC One 2014.

Now @evleaks is back with a couple of new press renders of the HTC One 2014. This time, our favorite leaker revealed the silver and dark gray variants of the device, meaning that we have seen 3 out of the 5 body HTC One 2014 colors that are rumored to be available from day one. Therefore, only the blue and red models are a mystery now.

But when will the folks at HTC officially unveil the HTC One sequel? I’m glad you’ve asked. Not long ago, the Taiwan-based company sent invitations to a press event held simultaneously in New York and London on March 25th. That’s where and when the HTC One 2014 is expected to be unveiled. It will be interesting to see whether HTC’s announcement will be able to wash off the hype created around the Galaxy S5, the smartphone expected to see the light of day next Monday.

According to the reports that made the headlines over the past few weeks, the HTC One 2014 could feature a 5.0-inch 1080p screen, quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor, 3 GB of RAM, on-screen buttons, Android 4.4 with Sense 6.0, and two cameras mounted on the back.

Here are the three HTC One 2014 photos that leaked online so far. How do you like the silver and gray models?