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Small Samsung Galaxy S5 Android 4.4.2 OTA Update Rolling Out Today for AT&T Users

The Samsung Galaxuy S5 on AT&T is now getting a brand new Android 4.4.2 small update that should fix some errors found in the previous firmware. The update was launched last week, but it seems like today the first AT&T Galaxy S5 uses have seen the roll out.

The Android 4.4.2 KitKat G900AUCU2ANG3 OTA Update is being rolled out in phases and you can expect your AT&T Galaxy S5 to get the firmware any time now. There are tons of minor tweaks and improvements in this 142.8 MB firmware installment and you should install it right away as it fixes various security liabilities. More info on what changes are added by this update can be found at the AT&T changelog web page.

Samsung Galaxy S5 AT&T only works with stock devices, so you should know that you won’t get the update in case you’ve edited your device in any way. G900AUCU2ANG3 Android 4.4.2 firmware is arriving via OTA (over-the-air) and with the Samsung KIES app. Some of the changes added by this update are as following: security tweaks and fixes, app installation improvements, fixed the accidental emergency dial that’s fixed for the lock screen, e-mail UX tweaks, S-View cover error has been fixed, Re-Activation lock enhancements.

After the update is installed you should get a better Android 4.4.2 overall performance and a smoother UI. The G900AUCU2ANG3 OTA update notification will appear on your device today or later this week and you simply need to confirm the installation for the phone to complete the process automatically. In case the new firmware notification doesn’t appear, then you can go to Settings> About Device and open Software Update, hit the ‘Check for Updates’ button and confirm the download if there is a new firmware available.

The Android 4.4.2 G900AUCU2ANG3 update measures somewhere around 143MB and it would be best for you to use a Wi-Fi connection in order to download it. Tell us in comments if you find any changes that aren’t listed in this post or AT&T’s support web page.

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  • Travis

    got my update at 10:32 eastern, samsung galaxy s5 through ATT

  • Graham

    Nobody cares. The iPhone 6 is better.

    • Dylan

      How do u no its not a knock off from last year especially when it hasn’t even hit the general public yet I think the iPhone is a s5 knockoff

    • TaskmasterX

      Like you said yourself, it’s only better for people with no brains.

    • TaskmasterX

      Steve Jobs is dead, so future iGadgets will be knock-offs of presently available Android/Google devices.

    • Mike Honcho

      Someone is a little butt hurt that their iPotato is about 2 generations behind in features compared to the Android platform. (pun intended) You say nobody cares, and yet here you are as a Crapple fanboy commenting on an article about an Android update. Classic.

      • Temptation

        Ha ha ha I call it iCrap.

    • Chim Chim

      Apple sux dude.

  • frustrated!

    I have downloaded this update twice now and I keep getting a message that it has failed to install.

    • droidgeek

      Same here

    • slazlow

      I have tried for three days. Same error message every day. Stock AT&T.

      • frustrated!

        I got mine from the AT&T store as well… and my 3rd failed attempt last night. :/

  • Chim Chim

    Finally. ..911 was getting tired of calling me.

  • kyproff

    I just did update now my touch screen will not work, I can’t even turn my phone off, please help

    • gabe

      That happened to me BEFORE I updated… Hmmm

    • Michael Cimino

      Pulled the battery and turned it back on. havnt had an issue since doing so

  • Barbara Wall

    i downloaded the update and now the screen is black and i am locked out…anyone know what to do to get my phone to work?

    • Tracey K. Conner

      Same happened to me. Touch screen was dead, bottom button also dead. Pulled battery, restarted, and I’m golden. My bigger question is … why not 4.4.4?? .. ooopps, nevermind …. silly me, I forgot this was at&t.

  • Terrell

    I received the update and had some issues. My phone went haywire, it started what seems to be all of the apps on the phone at the same time, and started showing all of the running code on the right side of the screen.

  • Russ

    I really don’t care about an update, my phone is running fine…the problem is I don’t know how to cancel the update, it keeps loading everytime I connect to WiFi, I have not found a way to cancel this…If I dont want it, I should be given a choice to install it or not.

  • kevhong

    The Galaxy S5 owns the design of the Galaxy S series but works better, has a better camera and practical features like battery saving, health care etc.

  • kevhong

    The Galaxy S5 owns the design of the Galaxy S series but works better, has a better camera and practical features like battery saving, health care etc.