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Sony Launches My Xperia Services, Helps You Track Your Lost Smartphone

My Xperia was launched by Sony, a new service of the Japan-based company that will help you find your Xperia smartphone in case you’ve lost it or someone stole it from you.

For the time being the service is in beta stage and it will be available on Xperia Arcos S. It will also be implemented on the 2012 models, running on Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Beginning with the second quarter of the year, most of the Sony customers will be able to use the new service.

My Xperia seems pretty easy to use, and it can be activated directly from your smartphone then access it on myxperia.sonymobile.com. Once on the official My Xperia website you can log in using a Google account, then lock it up on a map. You can also trigger an alarm to attract attention on your smartphone and you can block or delete all the data stored on your device.

There are also a couple of interesting alternatives for this type of service in Google Play, but, even so, Sony’s dedication to its customers it’s worth the praise.

As the smartphones are becoming more important to us, we also need new and stable security services, and if those services come integrated with the smartphone’s software, it’s even better.

Now all we can do is wait and see how well the new My Xperia service will perform and if it will be compatible with most of the Xperia terminals.