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Sony LT29i Hayabusa Spotted In The Wild

Sony LT29i Hayabusa Blurry Shots

Sony’s upcoming high-end device is eagerly awaited by numerous users and the picture in this article helps us make a better image of how the final product will look like so that we will be prepared when the final announcement will be made.

The term of high-end device comes from the fact that the rumored specs are telling us that Hayabusa will pack a 4.55″ HD reality screen, a 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 PRO along with a powerful GPU, 13MP camera with HDR video support, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, 7mm thin and a rather large battery.

The photo shows that the device, which should be Sony LT29i Hayabusa because it features the Xperia green logo. The front display shows that the device will have a big screen and that it looks a little like Xperia Arc. For the moment we cannot be sure that this is the Hayabusa device, but if it looks that then we can be sure that Sony managed to create a device to rival other popular Android-based smarrtphones.

We hope that new photos will appear some time in the near future and only then we will be able to make a better assessment on the Sony LT29i Hayabusa looks. Also, we’re hoping that Sony will release new info about the phone’s specs and from then on we will be able to offer a better pre-view on the future Hayabusa device.