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Sony NSZ-G7 Google TV Successor Receives Wi-Fi Certification

It seems that another TV built by Sony and Google it’s making its way on the market, according to a certificate published on the Wi-Fi Alliance site, says online publication androidos.in.

The brand new Sony Google TV, which will be launched in the near future, comes as a successor of the Sony NSZ-G7 that was launched in 2012 and which has been recently updated with Voice Search, HBO Go and other features. This might be the reason why the Japanese company took the decision to name the TV NSZ-G8, though Sony has not unveiled the device officially until now.

Sadly, the Wi-Fi certification is the only information we have about the new Sony Google TV as other details about its technical specs, launch date and how much it will cost has not been provided yet. However, we expect the device to be unveiled pretty soon because the Google I/O event is approaching and as Google has no other product to show (apart from the Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie), the company will probably launch the Sony Google TV.

This is not the first Google branded TV set released on the market, but until now the people haven’t been so interested in the products. In spite of that, there are other companies that have launched their own devices hopping for better results in terms of sales such as Asus (which has just made its Cub available), LG, Sony and the Chines manufacturer Hisense, which has an interesting device called Pulse.

Do you think that this new TV will have success, or you think that it will have the same fate as its predecessor? Would you buy it?