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Sony Reportedly Planning 5-inch Xperia Cybershot and Walkman Smartphones

Sony has unveiled the new Xperia Z earlier this year and the company’s flagship is set to become one of the best selling Android smartphones of 2013. Even though the Japan-based company already has a powerful smartphone on the market, it seems that Sony has more plans for us.

If you thought that Sony’s Cybershot and Walkman brands are dead or just become some software functions, well the latest reports are indicating that the Japanese phone maker has new plans for the two brands. The Sony CEO Kaz Hirai has big plans for the third quarter of the year, when the company he runs will apparently introduce new Walkman and Cybershot phones.

We are talking about Xperia smartphones that come with Cybershot and Walkman camera and audio technologies, integrated in the Android devices developed by Sony.

Rumor has it that this summer we will see a 5-inch Sony Xperia Cybershot smartphone in flesh, which has the best camera on the market, with a sensor size similar to the one of Nokia 808 PureView and Carl Zeiss lenss. Unlike Nokia 808, the Sony Xperia Cybershot model will be thinner but will provide just as good, if not better, photo performance.

Then come the rumors about an Xperia Walkman smartphone also boasting a 5-inch display, which will integrate a sound amplification chip, plus the Walkman equalizer and other acoustic goodies.

Least but not last, a third Sony model will have a smaller display, an iPhone rival, which will come with the slightly more compact Cybershot camera.

But what about that gaming smartphone, the Xperia Play 2 everybody is waiting for? Come on Sony, don’t disappoint us.