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Sony Smartwatch 2 Release Date in UK Is July 15th, Priced £120 at Clove

Last month Sony officially introduced the new Sony Smartwatch 2, which is basically a companion for your Android smartphone. The Sony Smartwatch 2 is made of aluminium and has a 1.6-inch display with a resolution of 220 x 176 pixels. The terminal also comes with IP57 certifications, so it is water and dust proof, while providing compatibility with Android smartphones via Bluetooth or NFC.

If you are wondering what you can do with the Sony Smartwatch 2, learn that the device can help you read your text messages, check notifications, answer calls and control your media player. You might also know that the Smartwatch 2 has a battery life of about 4 days and that more than 200 apps for the new device are expected to hit the Play Store in the coming weeks.

When the new gadget was officially announced, synchronized with the debut of Sony’s first phablet, the gigantic Xperia Z Ultra, the Japan-based company said that the Smartwatch 2 will debut in September, but Clove already announced it will have it on sale by July 15th, at a price of £120 (VAT included), which is just around the price of a Pebble.

It seems that, just like it happened this year with the Xperia Z, Sony wants to be the first to introduce its new products on the market, and with a price like that the Smartwatch 2 might even become a successful device. Even though it’s more like a companion that saves you from pulling your smartphone out of the pocket, I am pretty sure that there are a lot of users out there who already decided to purchase one. Moreover, the can indeed become magnificent gadgets as soon as new apps are hitting the Play Store, like a sports tracked app, showing how much did you run or at what speed, or an app that allows you to send texts using your voice. Preferably, the latter one should be based on Google Now’s voice recognition system, which is “da bomb.”

Anyway, we are eager to see how Sony’s rivals will respond to the Smartwatch 2; Samsung and Apple I’m pointing at you. We are also curious to see how the experience with the smartwatches can be improved and how far they can go with in rich app environment.

If you want to purchase the Sony Smartphone 2 from Clove you can follow this link to their website.