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The Sony Xperia MT 27i “Peper” Specs and Price leaked

The Sony Xperia MT 27i, also known as Peper, was first announced in January this year when some of its specs and features were rumored. But since then, Sony managed to keep it as its little secret, though we were expecting to see an official announcement during the CES or MWC events.

About Sony, we can say that it managed to custom us with low range and budget friendly devices, aiming for the entry level type of customers. Of course we are not including the Xperia Sola in this section, this phone being the big exception. The Sola is coming with high performances and capabilities which will sure impress the audience.

Now, as for the Sony Xperia MT 27i “Peper” there are only a few things to mention. First, according to our sources, it was recently spotted on Sony’s official web site from China. I am referring to the image from above, which was shortly after removed from the same website without any other further information; the handset being still known only by its model number and codename.

Anyway, the Sony Xperia MT 27i “Peper” specs are rumored to include a 1GHz dual-core CPU, a 3.7-inch WVGA854 display, 512 MB of RAM, NFC support, and a 5MP camera with 720p recording. These are placing it between the Xperia P and S. So, just another low range device, with decent hardware for us; but what about its price you may wonder. Well, according to the same rumors, the Peper price tag should be somewhere around €300, but nothing is known for sure yet.

Unfortunately there are no words regarding its release date, though it is expected during the following weeks, when it’s also expected the official press release. Stay close for further aspects as we will update you as soon as something fresh comes out.