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Sony Xperia S39h Leaked Photos Reveal a Mid-range Plastic Smartphone

As if a whole alphabet of Sony Xperia smartphones was not enough, now we get to learn about a new device that is currently being developed by the Japanese company, which seems rather more appropriate for the midrange segment. We are talking about Sony Xperia S39h, a smartphone that was caught on camera by the guys at XperiaBlog.

It seems that the Sony Xperia S39h will be placed in the line-up right above the Xperia L with its 4.3-inch display. The leaked Sony Xperia S39h photos revealed that the white smartphone has a dedicated camera button and that itĀ adoptsĀ that Power button specific to the latest Xperia models.

It seems though that Sony has two ways of naming its smartphones. The first one has a structure like CXXXX for the models launched in 2013, and the second, applied for the Chinese market is structured as S/M/L talking about small/medium/large handsets. With all these being said we can expect the Sony Xperia S39h to be a smartphone developed for the Chinese market, and personally, I don’t find it attractive at all, especially because looks like it’s made entirely from plastic.

There are no clues about the technical specifications or the price of the Sony Xperia S39h, but we promise to return with fresh news as soon as they will hit the web. Either way, it’s nice to see that the Japanese phone maker is also aiming to boost its sales on the Chinese market, and, hopefully, the Xperia S39h will also receive a mid-end brother designed for the European and North American markets.