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Sony Xperia Z Now Available for Pre-orders on Vodafone UK

After Sony announced the official Xperia Z release dates and pricing offers for Australia, Ireland and Finland, now we have something new for those interested in buying this highly appreciated and discussed Android based smartphone. The phone has been made available for pre orders in UK through Vodafone, so if you are in a hurry and want to be among the first who can test and buy the Xperia Z, then go and sign up with Vodafone and place your order.

In UK, the Xperia Z release date will be on February 28th, similar with the launch dates announced for the most of the markets and regions (beside the Americans – there is still no words about the Xperia Z release date in US); but be aware as if you want to get the device on the scheduled date, you should pre-order it now, because on Ireland, O2 had already closed the pre orders due to lack of stock. It seems that despite its expensive price tag, the Xperia Z is still one of the most desired smartphones, its high end specs, features and well, performances being the reason for the same.

If you do want to pre order the Xperia Z from Vodafone UK, you should know that you can choose to get the black version or the white variant of the handset. Also, you can buy the phone with either one, or two year contract; the pricing offers are: £39 monthly plan and pay £179 for the smartphone or £29 / month and pay £149 when getting the phone. The offer also includes free Sony MDR-1R headphones alongside the 1080p phone for the first 1,000 pre-orders, so hurry up if you want a free bonus.

If you first want to test the Sony Xperia Z, you can go to UK Phones 4U’s brick-and-mortar stores and play with the demo handsets. Furthermore, you can place your pre order on Phones 4U as well, though for now you can choose only Vodafone as your future mobile operator.