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Sony Xperia Z To Be Available In 60 More Countries The Following Days

Even though the Xperia Z is yet to be released worldwide, the device seems to be a major success for Sony as it already enjoys a lot of popularity. For instance, in Japan (country in which the flagship is available for quite a while) the company has managed to sell an impressive number of 140,000 units in the first week alone. Also, when it was released in France the Sony Xperia Z vanished from the store shelves in one day.

It seems that the company may launch the smartphone in your country as well, and pretty soon.

Sony official Kaz Hirai stated at Mobile World Congress that the Zperia Z is being shipped as we speak in various stores all over the globe. Hirai said that the smartphone will be available on 60 more markets via 140 channels.

The bad news is that he didn’t mention the exact countries that will be receiving the Sony Xperia Z, which is supposed to arrive at the end of February. We hope that detailed information will be provided in the following days. Of course, if you’re feeling lucky you can check the shops in your country to see if the device is in stock.

The Sony Xperia Z has been made available in Russia a few days ago and it will probably hit the Spanish stores starting today. The people from Sweden and Germany can already buy the handset from their local retailers, while the Australians will receive it sometime in mid-march (no exact date has been specified).

You think you’ll get the Sony Xperia Z these days? Leave us a comment in the section below if you do.