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Sony Xperia Z Release Date In India is March 6, Available For Pre-Order In Indonezia

A couple of weeks ago we told you that Sony is going to launch the Xperia Z in a plethora of markets worldwide including India. Since then the company has remained silent with no more additional information provided. Now, the residents of India can calm themselves as Sony’s latest flagship smartphone will certainly be available in their country, as well.

According to Sony Mobile India, that published a photo in its official Facebook page, the Sony Xperia Z will be released on the Indian market for sure. To put a stop to all doubts, the company has even created a brand new microsite that features a countdown timer, according to which there are less than three days until the big launch. To be more exact, the Sony Xperia Z will be made available in India on March 6.

Nevertheless, the curious thing is that Sony doesn’t provide details concerning the price of the Xperia Z, thus the device probably won’t hit the retail stores on the same day.

In the meantime, the Sony Xperia Z is already available for pre-order in Indonesia, the people being able to get it from online retailer Blibli. The retailer has an interesting offer, giving the handset at a special price of 7 million rupiah (which is around $725). The Xperia Z is sold at $50 smaller price, than its regular one. The smartphone can be purchased under all three color versions, and Blibli specified that Xperia Z will start shipping on March 16th.

The Sony Xperia Z is becoming available on more markets as time passes by. Has the smartphone arrived in your country yet?